BCB Fantasy Football Sign Up Post 2

We got off to a bit of a slow start, but I'm going to assume that's because you all hate me and thus did not look below into the fan posts. I can forgive that. But you may not hate Fantasy Football. So far, the following people have already signed up:

Noah Jarosh
Yar Nivek
mr leam
dikembe Meiztombo

Thank you all for doing so. Now the rest of you, what's the hold up?!? Are you afraid your team name won't hold up in the naming post? Do you not like football? Are you a communist sleeper agent like Keri Russel in the Americans? Because that would make sense if you don't like football.

Or maybe you just don't understand Fantasy Football. That's cool. I'll explain it to you here. Fantasy football:

- Is a game you play outside of watching the actual game to make the league more exciting.

- The number one misconception people have about fantasy is that your fantasy team comes first. This is so wrong. Cheering for your fantasy team comes secondary to cheering for your personal favorite team. This way, let's say your personal team gets screwed by a blown call on a hail mary at the end of the game that should never have stood but did because the high school refs in charge are fearing for their lives and the only reason they are out there in the first place is that a multi billion dollar corporation that is the NFL doesn't want to pay for a dental plan to the actual referees because they want to squeeze all the blood they can get from a turnip and thus harming the integrity of the game in the process, you have something to cheer you up.

- If you are concerned people know more about it than you, relax. There are thousands of sites that claim to know fantasy football better than anyone else. But really, the NFL is such a year to year league that no one really knows what is going to happen, who is going to stay healthy, or which receiver is going to break out. So it doesn't matter. As long as you draft well and get lucky on the waiver wire, you can win!

- Fantasy football is such a toss up, Mr Leam, our resident foreigner, has won a league despite (and this is an assumption) never having seen a football game in his life.

Seriously guys, it's fun. Give it a shot. Comment in this post that you're in and then email me at HyattFF2003 at Yahoo DOT com with your BCB name.

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