BCB Fantasy Football DRAFT ORDERS!!! ATTN: on_wisconsin, and tepo6688

Hey Everyone. We're less than 4 days away from picking our teams here. God I'm so erec... Excited about this!!!

So, let's start with some housekeeping first. If your name is in the title, you need to join the league. Go to the email you sent me and accept the invite. I'll recruit on Sunday if you do not get this done.

UPDATE: Jerry Eldred stepped up. He's in

the following guys need to adjust their team names: mr leam, golfallday, and npetrashek.

Ok, on to the draft order. This was selected from Random.Org. I ran a sequence for each league 1-10. The only thing is that I did not allow myself the first or the swing pick. This just seems fair. I never had to re-run it though, so here are the leagues and draft orders:

BCB Name Team Name Draft Pick
on_wisconsin Team 6 1
Jeo Hyatt's Wonderful Post 2
brewguytim Le'Veon My Wayward Son 3
Rendezvous Aaron Hernandez Need Anustart 4
Brewerspug Rex's Comedy Hour 5
dikembe Meiztombo Slurred Lines Feat: Eazy E 6
arfuture Riley Cooper Hates Kuhns 7
Hyatt Titus Young's Rollover Minutes 8
badgernoonan FreMason Crosby Secretly Sucks 9
JP Ex-Packers Burning Effigy 10
drezdn Tate's Taintdowns 1
Hyatt Mingo Just Pawn In Game Of Life 2
masondlo J.osh's Schotch and Whiske 3
Yar Nivek 2 Man 2 Hit By Football 4
golfallday Team GolfAllDAY 5
Jerry Eldred
Team 4 6
aaronetc Von Miller's Dance Party USA 7
Packerbacker96 One Dire Erection 8
jennings085 Massive Teboner 9
brewcrewbrian Cooper Has Arian Supremecy 10
airfigaro Bakhtarian Luck Charm 1
ObiBraunKenobi Lefedgedly Smokin LeDoobie 2
tepo6688 Team 3 3
cheezconqueso Upper Deckers 4
texwestern Val Jennings' MindSwapMachine 5
Hyatt Josh Brent's Blurred Lines 6
mr leam Team Leam 7
Noah Jarosh Volar MorQuarless 8
npetrashek Team npetrashek 9
jcollins205 Jacquizz in my Pants 10

League 1 drafts at 5:30 on Monday (the first 10)

League 2 drafts at 7:30 on Monday (the second 10)

League 3 drafts 3:30 on Monday (the third 10)

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