Are There Some Pitching Comebacks in Store for 2014?

Miguel de Los Santos was placed on the restricted list by the Brewers earlier in the 2013 season, but Rotoworld said he would be out until at least July anyway because he is recovering from shoulder surgery. The surgery appears to have happened around the end of January 2013. He could be a candidate for an incentive deal or a spring invite in 2014.

Randy Wolf missed the 2013 season after October 2012 Tommy John Surgery but the 37 year old wants to pitch in 2014 according to Rotoworld. Who takes him? Probably another low risk invite to camp move by some team.

Todd Coffey is also recovering from July 2012 Tommy John Surgery and missed out on the 2013 season. He just turned 33. Does a team take a flyer on him this winter or spring?

Cody Scarpetta appeared in 12 games for Brevard County this year going 0-5 with a 7.15 era in 11 starts and one relief appearance. He also had Tommy John Surgery in June of 2012. Does he surface in the minors for the crew next year or is he just going to disappear off the radar? He was a 2007 pick who has never pitched above AA.

Eric Arnett tore his right ACL and had surgery on Feb 7th. He appeared in 10 games for Arizona and Brevard County in 2013, with an overall era of 2.93 while taking one loss. The former 2009 draft pick has never reached AA. Could he do it in 2014?

Zach Braddock was released by the Orioles organization after he had been trying to recover from surgery. Zach tore a labrum in his shoulder. He definitely is a high risk move, but does he surface with some team in spring next season? Only time will tell...

Dan Merklinger... a long shot. He probably won't even be in a big league spring training invite. More than likely he will be buried in a minors camp somewhere, but he is a lefty and a 2007 pick of the crew who at least made it as far as AAA at one point. He missed all of 2013 as well, after a late 2012 release by the crew.

Mark Rogers.. doing really good for himself these days. Opens the season on the Major League DL with "right arm fatigue" and is in extended spring training for what seems like forever before he comes back and pitches in affiliated baseball for Brevard County in 6 games, where he took two losses despite an era of 3.60. The first round 2004 pick has seen major league time, but not much while has battled through injuries and other issues. I am curious to see what the crew does with him next year. Do they let him walk as a minor league free agent or does he get one more chance to toil in the minors for a year?

Former Brewer Closer Francisco Cordero underwent surgery on his left (non throwing) shoulder in Feb of this year and missed the 2013 season. He is looking for a return to the bigs in 2014. Which team takes a flyer on a former all star closer? The 38 year old Coco made it to the all star game as a Ranger, Brewer and Red!

A big long shot that I always pulled for was Brad Penny. I would be shocked if he shows up anywhere with any major league team next year, but he is a two time all star who is 35. Can he get someone to give him a minor league deal to prove himself and come back? It would make a great story!

Chris Narveson... What do you do with him? He has showed signs of being a serviceable member of the Brewers rotation, but he sure has not been able to stay healthy lately. Does he turn into Chris Capuano where he completely puts himself back on the map after being on the scrap heap, or is Narve dog done? I would bet Narveson appears in a fair amount of major league games in 2014, but it may not be for the crew...

Another guy I always pulled for who has no Brewer Ties is Mark Prior. The guy has been battling for SO LONG to get back to the bigs. He wants to tell people he wasn't a star who flamed out, but rather a guy who ran into some bumps in the road. Unfortunately the latest bump in the road was a release from the Reds this June after a right shoulder strain. Prior is still only 33 and has been fighting to get back to the bigs since his last appearance there in 2006 of all years!

By the way if Mark is still fighting, maybe Ben Sheets should give it another go. What's he got to lose?

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