What we learned this week: September 7, 2013

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This week's lessons include fair trade value, more roster moves as September begins, and how much the Brewers don't like interleague play.

Mark Rogers career in the Brewers organization may be done.

The Brewers had stuck with Mark Rogers throughout his rehab, but the end of the road may be coming for Mark Rogers and the Brewers. With the September call-ups arriving, the Brewers had the chance to add Mark Rogers back to the active roster without sending anyone else down. Instead, they opted to remove Rogers from the 40-man roster. The Brewers have stuck with Rogers for several years, hoping that he would finally turn it around and live up to the potential they saw in him as a first-round draft pick. Instead, Rogers may move on in the offseason and try to recover his career in a new place.

One Michael Blazek is seen as fair trade value for one John Axford.

Just over a week ago, John Axford was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals. At the time, it was for a player to be named later. The player was named a few days later, as Michael Blazek was named as the player to complete the trade. Blazek has bounced between Double-A and Triple-A for the last three seasons before making his MLB debut in 2013, Considering what the Brewers had left with Axford, it was a good haul for the Brewers. Whether Blazek will be good for the Brewers or not remains to be seen, though he did start to show signs of turning things around this year in the Brewers minors.

The Brewers don't play well in interleague play.

Over the last weekend, the Brewers played their final interleague series of the season. A three-game series at home against the Angels didn't go the Brewers way, and they ended up being swept in the series. Over the season, the Brewers accumulated a record of 6-14 in interleague games. Depending on how the last few interleague series around MLB go, that could be the worst record among all MLB teams. With interleague games a regular part of the MLB schedule now, the Brewers will have to get better at interleague games if they want to compete again in future seasons.

Several players earned September call-ups.

With September 1st arriving, the Brewers took the opportunity to supplement their roster with a few minor league callups. They promoted four additional players: Donovan Hand, Sean Halton, Johnny Hellweg, and Jimmy Nelson. With the addition of Alfredo Figaro last week and Michael Blazek earlier in week, that's a total of six new players on the Brewers roster in just over a week. Four of those players will work from the bullpen, one in the rotation, and one as a bench player.

Though four players were called up, there were many others left in the minors to end their season. On Tuesday, Alec covered several of these players in his recap of the best and worst minor-league performances in the month of August. Several players impressed in the month as their season came to a close, while others struggled over that last month. That last month could impact the Brewers plans on who gets promoted, demoted, and sent to fall/winter leagues to get more experience.

Three people still want Yuniesky Betancourt as the starting first baseman.

There are a few brave people out there that still want Yuniesky Betancourt as the Brewers starting first baseman. Meanwhile, the other 98% of people want someone else to be the starter. In fact, more people would rather have any other player at first base over Betancourt. While he was a stop-gap measure to cover first base after the Brewers lost both Corey Hart and Mat Gamel for the season, it has become obvious that he is not a solution for anything for the Brewers lately. He posted a 0.3 fWAR in April, but has posted a -2.0 fWAR ever since (with a -1.7 fWAR in May and June). Will the Brewers decide to cut the ties with Betancourt before the end of the season? Considering there are only 22 games left, it doesn't look too likely.

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