BCB Brewers Walk of Fame Ballot



Last year the Brewers inducted Johnny Logan into it's Walk of Fame. He was the first new member since 2009, when former Milwaukee Braves standout pitcher Lou Burdette made the cut. Call me crazy, but I believe that there are plenty of human beings out there that deserve to be on the Milwaukee Brewers Walk of Fame. In my estimation, the 40 local media and team representatives are doing a BBWAA job of electing candidates.

So who would we elect? I say we find out. I didn't bother to look up the rules, just the ballot. So we'll (or I'll, really) make our (my) own rules!

According to Tom Haudricourt (I found it at Baseball Think Factory) here was the ballot and the results:

Teddy Higuera: 24 votes (60%)
Joe Adcock: 21 votes (52.5%)
George Bamberger: 20 votes (50%)
Pete Vuckovich: 20 votes (50%)
Mike Caldwell: 18 votes (45%)
Geoff Jenkins: 15 votes (37.5%)
Jeff Cirillo: 14 votes (35%)
Ben Oglivie: 14 votes (35%)
Ted Simmons: 14 votes (35%)
Del Crandall: 11 votes (27.5%)
George Scott: 10 votes (25%)
Dan Plesac: 8 votes (20%)
Jerry Augustine: 7 votes (17.5%)
Jim Slaton: 6 votes (15%)
Dale Sveum: 6 votes (15%)
Greg Vaughn: 6 votes (15%
Phil Garner: 5 votes (12.5%)
Larry Hisle: 5 votes (12.5%)
Sixto Lezcano: 5 votes (12.5%)
Charlie Moore: 5 votes (12.5%)
Bob Buehl: 5 votes (12.5%)
Bill Castro: 4 votes (10%)
Bill Schroeder: 4 votes (10%)
Billy Bruton: 4 votes (10%)
Sal Bando: 3 votes (7.5%)
Felix Mantilla: 3 votes (7.5%)
Mark Loretta: 2 votes (5%)
Fred Haney: 2 votes (5%)
Andy Pafko: 2 votes (5%)
Ronnie Belliard: 0 votes (0%)
Gabe Gross: 0 votes (0%)
Seth McClung: 0 votes (0%)
David Riske: 0 votes (0%)

The Rules

You can vote for as many players as you like. Why? Because I said so. (I think the BBWAA shouldn't limit their voters to 10.) I also left an "other" box. Feel free to add players who may have fallen off the ballot here. Just separate them with commas, and I'll include them in the results. Let's see if we can get any over 65%. If you think we should include just the highest vote getter, make your case (for this or any other reasoning) in the comments. Please restrain yourself and only vote once. You have until next Friday (1/24) to vote.

The Link

vote here!

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