A brief confession.

I did something a few months ago. I'm not proud of it. I told myself it was for the greater good. It never felt great. Now it feels dirty. I am unclean. I have sinned. Well, maybe not sinned. I don't know. It's pretty bad, though. I need to confess. I'll cut to the chase:



I'm sorry. You shouldn't have to see that. Swear to Moses - it wasn't because of the PED thing. Seriously. The Cardinals gave me Michael Wacha, Oscar Taveras, and Trevor Rosenthal. Who could say no to that? Jesus, they gave me a whole team! The Operation Sports roster makers echoed the widely spread pessimism for the Brewers farm system. I had to do something! Forgive me!

I have to defend myself. It worked. My fantasy 2016 Brewers have won the division three years straight. But no World Series. Still working on that. I know the ends don't justify the means. I know. But I have an absurd roster full of near-elite mid-twenty-somethings on the verge of bursting into their prime years.

Heck, it isn't all sacrilege. Check this out:


That's right. CC is back. Back to feast on the National League. He's still got it. Even at 35. Another rental. Yankees are out of it. Traded a middling SS prospect I drafted in 2014 and Drew Gagnon. At the deadline.

That's former Yankees top prospect Mason Williams in CF. Now my best hitter. Leading the league in BA. Got him for Mike Gonzalez in 2014 (please play along).

Think that's satisfying? You ain't seen nothing. Get your kleenex. Take a look at this:


That's a 29-year old Jemile Weeks tossing to - that's right - HIS OLDER BROTHER RICKIE. Don't even pretend you haven't fantasized about this. Jemile's my backup infielder. I released Rickie the year before. But once I decided Jemile would make my roster I traded to get Rickie back. Had to do it.

That's Hunter Morris manning first. Super overrated in the game. But I'm not complaining.

Probably the most ridiculous trade was the one where I traded Corey Hart and Kyle Lohse for Ryan Wheeler, Drew Pomeranz, and Rex Brothers. I think my memory may have combined two separate trades into one there, but that's the end product. The rest of the roster, for your amusement:


You're reading it right. That's Cam Garfield. He's not dead yet.


But the Braun trade isn't my only dark moment. Because I traded for Williams and still needed rotation help, there was one more uncomfortable yet perfectly logical move to make: trade Carlos Gomez.

Somewhere along the line I traded him (and probably someone else) to the Giants for Lincecum and Hembree. He's since moved on.

Can't make this up:


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