A Frosty Mug announcement

Jared Wickerham

So long, and thanks for all the Mugs.

At this point, I feel like I need to admit to a guilty pleasure. As I cruise the internet for Brewers news to put into each day's Frosty Mug, I'm fascinated by goodbye posts. Nothing stops me in my tracks quite like an author saying goodbye to the community they've built, be it large or small. I bet I've read a hundred posts like that. I've wondered how, someday, I would write a post like that when the time comes for me to move on. In all honesty, I'm still not sure.

With that said, I come to you this morning with an announcement. Today's Frosty Mug will be the final Mug at Brew Crew Ball, and effective today I'm stepping down from my role as managing editor of this space to accept a new assignment. Rest assured I'm leaving this space in capable hands: Noah has been with BCB since nearly the beginning of my tenure and I'm confident he'll continue to make this space as good or better than it ever was. I'm sure you'll be hearing more from him soon.

The Frosty Mug also isn't going away, although it is moving. Starting tomorrow morning it'll be running daily at milwaukeemag.com/blog/FrostyMug. I hope you'll check the Mug out in its new space and hopefully add the new site to your bookmarks. I'm also turning over control of the BCB Twitter feed and Facebook pages, so if you'd like to continue to follow me please add @BrewFrostyMug and Facebook.com/BrewersFrostyMug to your respective accounts.

In addition, I'm still planning on spending a fair amount of time in this space going forward. I won't be writing as much as I have been in recent years but I'll likely still be around filling in, producing occasional commentary and handling Timber Rattlers coverage. Even when I'm not writing, you're still likely to find me lurking in the comments from time to time.

The decision to make this change wasn't made lightly. In fact, I've lost a fair amount of sleep over it. The six years I've spent writing about the Brewers here are the longest I've ever done anything in my life. I'd be remiss if I left without thanking the SB Nation product team, Tyler Bleszinski, Eric Simon, Justin Bopp and all the BCB contributors, past and present, for everything they've done to help this space grow. I wouldn't be here without them.

And, of course, I can't leave without saying thank you to all of you. Your continued readership is one of the reasons I've kept producing the Mug for all of this time, and many of your comments or suggestions have helped shape it into its current form. It's come a long way from its primitive beginnings, and a big chunk of the thanks for that belong to you.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to start a new adventure.

Drink up.

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