Notes and Random Observations from the First Game of the Year

After watching the 1st game of the year on FS WI, here are some things I observed:

  • The crew has an advertisement for Meijer on the outfield wall. There no stores in WI!
  • The fonts have changed slightly for player's names and stats. I like the new look.
  • The Braves are wearing patches for to recognize the anniversary of Hank Aaron's Homer #715.
  • Johnny Narron and Garth Iorg are so out of shape, they couldn't jog from the dugout to the baseline when they were introduced before the game. Krod, AKA "Cactus Foot" moved better!
  • Ed Sedar thought he was clearly the coolest Brewer ever, as he jogged out with his hands up towards the crowd.
  • Gomez came out "Freaky Fast" and pumped full of energy.
  • Apparently Yovani is dedicated to growing his hair out to the point where it looks pretty ridiculous.
  • Kranitz, get rid of the goatee.
  • Dan Uggla does NOT look like a 2nd Baseman.
  • Jason Heyward has some pretty good protection on the right side of his batting helmet. Can't him there.
  • What a day for Bernie Brewer: He got to hold Hank the Dog and he got to dance with Bucky Badger.
  • The fans showed early on they are behind Braun. He made a catch in RF to end the top of the first, and he was smattered with cheers as he jogged back down the line and flipped the ball to the crowd.
  • Fans also stood up and cheered when he came up to bat in the bottom of the first. Braun made a pretty nice play in right in the top of the 2nd as well and he looked comfortable out there as he fired the ball back in.
  • You have to wonder when Gomez is going to get his head out of his butt and stop getting thrown out on the bases in stupid situations.
  • Speaking of stupid, it probably isn't necessary to run a crawler at the bottom of the screen constantly showing the Nascar points standings throughout the entire Brewer game.
  • Scooter showed a great hustle in the top of the 2nd to try to get Justin Upton out when he got the ball and flipped it to Segura covering the base.
  • Roenicke came out of the dugout to talk with the ump about the call at 2nd base where Ramirez was called out on Overbay's line shot, but he was smiling the whole time.
  • For those who were wondering how Rickie handled being on the bench for Opening Day, you would never know, since the cameras from FS WI never showed him or his reaction at all.
  • Freddie Freeman wears glasses when he is in the field but not when he is at the plate. THAT'S a new one!
  • After all these years Bill Schroeder still looks like a Nervous Nellie of a broadcaster. The camera was briefly in the booth in the 6th inning and the whole time he was swallowing and licking his lips and swallowing some more like he was so nervous he was going to faint.
  • For an old guy, you have to be impressed with Ramirez's play at 3rd. He made a NICE dive to his right and threw out Simmons in the top of the 7th.
  • While the game is going on, Garza looks engaged while Estrada looks like he is completely bored.
  • During God Bless America, Garza, Lucroy and Kranitz can't keep their mouths shut for five minutes.

And finally...

  • Will Smith made another movie during the 8th inning while the other Will Smith labored through an 18 pitch frame.

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