Scooter Gennett, Logan Schafer, Jeff Bianchi all in lineup for Brewers

Jeffrey Phelps

The Brewers are making some big changes to the lineup for the third game of their opening series.

Here is the Brewers lineup for today's game against the Braves:

Gomez CF
Schafer LF
Braun RF
Ramirez 3B
Lucroy C
Gennett 2B
Bianchi SS
Overbay 1B
Garza P

Sunday lineup on a Wednesday ahoy! The most surprising thing may be that Jonathan Lucroy also isn't taking a seat in a day game following a night game. With a day off tomorrow, the Brewers must not see any need to give Lucroy a day off while the season is still young.

Bianchi starting in place of Jean Segura isn't so shocking. After narrowly avoiding the DL following a bout of shoulder soreness, Segura has yet to pick up his first hit of the year. He does have one walk in eight plate appearances, however. Bianchi made the team by virtue of being able to competently play shortstop, so he'll take the start today.

Similarly, Khris Davis takes a seat after starting the year 0-7 with three strikeouts. He convinced the Brewers last year that he was worth moving Ryan Braun to right field, and he should start hitting again. A two game stretch such as he's had would be lost amid the shuffle in the middle of the season but because he started out this way, it's put under a magnifying glass.

Matt Garza will also make his first start in a Brewers uniform after signing a four-year, $50 million contract in the offseason. He's familiar with the NL Central having pitched for the Cubs from 2011 until a mid-season trade to Texas last year. Despite some issues with his health last year, the Brewers are taking a chance on him being healthy and productive. He's not an ace by any means, but he's a solid starter who should provide consistently good results for Milwaukee.

Meanwhile, here's the Braves' lineup:

Heyward RF
B.J.Upton CF
Freeman 1B
Johnson 3B
J.Upton LF
Uggla 2B
Laird C
Simmons SS
Harang RHP

Aaron Harang will take the mound after being signed in the offseason and HAHAHAHAHAHA.

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