Comments of the Week! Second Edition

It's Time for another update to the Comments of the Week! series. This week has seen a lot of winning, so unfortunately not as many great comments, still there were a few gems.

Here are your standings after Week 1:

Yahoo Division 10 points

Old Vegas Division 7 points

Facebook Division 5 points article comments Division 4 points

So without further ado, here are this weeks comments of the week...

Yahoo Division:


so yahoo..what did Gomez say? you won't tell us because you either don't know, or don't want us to know. Perhaps some racial remark by a Hispanic? What a sham of a politically correct article.


Brewers need to move Weeks... We will not try to learn the outfield or firstbase.... Can't play defense or hit anylonger... Not a team player.... He has no trade value so send him down to triple a and clear a roster spot for a young player whom can help this team....


What ever happened to Hooper Norris at First Base? Weeks is screwing up any possible depth for this team, he sucks to begin with, can't play his own position let alone another...if he is going to stay on this roster than he needs to pick up 3rd base and outfield...somehow because injuries are going to settle in and Logan Schafer is not what anyone hoped for and Herrera is just a pinch guy.

Facebook Division:

Eric from Albany-

because we all know how solid Rickie the Whiff is hitting in the leadoff spot ( sarcasm,just incase you didnt know)

David from Garland-

PED scandal. Constant aches and pains. Basically blaming Segura for getting hit while Braun stupidly swung a bat by the dugout. And continued high school jock arrogance. Tired of him.

Old Vegas Division:


This is what bothers me is the first swing for Gomez is out of his socks when a runner is bunted into scoring position. He needs to just make contact and get a hit not swing for the fences. He needs to understand the game which considering he is a box of rocks it ain't going to happen. article comments Division:


ESPN is reporting that Carlos Gomez has been hospitalized due to the pink dye he put in his goatee for mother's day before today's game against the Yankees.

Doctors are saying that Gomez is walking through the halls staring upward as if he is admiring one of his "second row" home runs. "It appears that the dye has affected his brain permanently. He will likely be even more dumb than he already was", said Dr. Michael Sterling. "Hopefully, he'll never play baseball again."

Despite looking like a total buffoon, he still managed to go 1 for 3 in today's game.

BrewcrewRB2 (2 Weeks in a row!)-

I hope all the cry baby fans who were crying about the team not picking any big name players up in the off season are happy now. You cried you screamed like a little girl and you got your way. Garza will gimp our SP's for years to come with his salary.

Hardballtalk Division (New Division!):


I don’t understand how he has the option to decline. I own a bar and grill and if I asked someone to help out with dishes or bus a table in a pinch and they decilne I’d find a new employee. But my waitresses and cooks don’t make 11 million dollars…so I guess there’s that?

And that's it for your comments of the week, remember, Vote Early and Vote Often!

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