Comments of the Week! 3rd Edition

It's Friday again, a day of celebration, what better way to start off a Friday than another round of Comments of the Week! In this section I round up the best comments of the week from the comment sections around the Brewer interwebs. I've taken into consideration the suggestion of including Brewcrewball in this section, but I've decided BCB comment quality as a whole just isn't on par with these other fine sites. If you really want them here, just post it in the comments and maybe I'll add a poll option for it, anyway, here are the standings after last week,


1. Yahoo Division 20 points

2. Article Comments Division 11 points

2. Old Vegas Division 11 points

4. Facebook Division 8 points

5. Hardballtalk Division 5 points

And on to this weeks comments,

Yahoo Division:

Benjamin Check-

Baseball is not a sport. It's a game no different than golf. Takes zero athletic ability to be amazing. You could weigh 400 pounds and not be able to run 40 feet but if you could hit 30 home runs a season you'll be a millionaire. I can't wait for the braves to take themselves and all their fans outside the city where they belong.

Facebook Division:

Dale from Milwaukee-

Big deal. Too little too late for a 5 tool flop. Get this Ricky Weeks, you are NOT a good team guy if you won't play where the team needs you. For all the years, money and patience the organization has shown you. You are a disgrace! I would trade you for a pack of big league chew, already chewed.

Michael from Waterloo-

Bring back Matt Lepay! I'm sick of listening to BA already!!

Kyle from Appleton-

Trade Garza and let thorny start trade Garza for a 1st basemen

Ken from Mequon-

Brewers are now playing at the level everyone expected. They have not solved their first place problem. Why not bring up Hunter Morris? Ramirez remains a puzzle. Braun is injury prone. Weeks truly stinks. Roenicke's decisions are questionable. Losing Aoki is now having its effect. This is a fourth place team. Always has been. Article Comments Division:


We gave up a possible 3b of the future in Juan Francisco for a 1 year contract with the strikeout king Reynolds. Front office really messed up, bad. Juan continues to tear the cover off the ball in Toronto all because the Brewers made him fix his mechanics. The second they let him go I said it would bite us and it has.


Why the F was Weaks hitting against Carpenter in the 8th? You have Scooter on the bench, USE HIM!!! Instead short armed Rickie does what he does best and rolled over into a DP. Have never believed in Weaks and never will. He was only drafted to make Fatboy happy. My only memory of that worthless POS will be of him literally throwing the division title away against the Cubs in'07.

Old Vegas Division:


It was a nice run by the Crew but this season is slipping away. Losing 2 of 3 from the Cubs reaffirms what we know, this team isn't very good. Roenicke can't reach these guys and simply doesn't hold them accountable whatsoever. If the Brewers are serious about winning this year, the manager has to change. Now before it's too late


Some untimely pitching and even more untimely hitting and you lose a series to the worse team in the MLB. This organization (Brewers) is simply bereft of talent. Certainly not up to Mathews, Aaron, and Adcock when Milw had a real major leaque champion and winner. This will only be the second series the Cubs have won all year. So the question is how likely is it that the Brewers be in 1st when they return home? The answer I fear is not very.


Come on, Doug! Make some moves to save the Brewers first place standing and not waste the good pitching. 1. Cut Ramirez--he is too old and beat up. 2. Cut Wang 3. Cut Bianchi 4. Cut Shafer. You should your expertise in assembling good pitching, but you stopped at that point. Make a move or move yourself out!

And that's it for comments of the week! Trying to find out how you can be featured in a comment of the week? Fear not, you too can join the prestigious list of comments next week, just think up a way the Brewers can start winning again, try to mention firing multiple members of the coaching staff, if you can't be bothered to list the names, it doesn't matter! Maybe recommend cutting a certain player, or calling up that favorite prospect of yours. Now take that idea, and before trying to think it through, post it on the internet! It's just that simple!

Remember, vote early and vote often in the poll, and if you have any new divisions I should add, put it into the comments and I'll look it over for next week.

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