Baseball World Championship Belt Update: Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back

May is almost through and the weather has turned rather pleasant around these parts. There is a sadness that grows throughout Wisconsin, that of seeing the Baseball World Championship Belt return to the American League. The Brewers initially brought the Belt to the Senior Circuit way back in the halcyon days of April when the pitching staff was strong, the bullpen was good looking, and the defense was above average.

When the Belt was last reported on, the New York Mets and Kyle Farnsworth had vanquished the St. Louis Cardinals. A 2-1 series victory over the Miami Marlins kept Mr. Met's pants up for another series. The next one was to be a two game set over the Phillies, but this turned into a one game winner-take-all matchup due to one of the games being postponed by rain. In their second attempt to take the Belt, the Phillies were turned away, and the Mets rose up the scoreboard with a third straight series with the Belt.

However, the rock 'em sock 'em Rockies emphatically beat the Mets 3-1 in their four game series, for their first taste of glory this season. Colorado then started a 4 game series with the Texas Rangers, needing only two wins to defend their title. They got three. Then they lost a three game series to the Cincinnati Reds 2-1, and the Queen City rejoiced over their weird chili.

The joy was short lived, as San Diego won the next series over the Reds, 2-1. San Diego acted like the Belt was a hot potato, and gave it right back to the Rox, dropping 2 of 3 to Troy "The New Yastrzemski" Tulowitzki. The Rockies were the first team to lose, and then regain the Belt.

Controversy erupted in the next series, as Colorado and the San Francisco Giants were scheduled to play three. Instead, they played 2.5, the deciding game was suspended after the 6th inning with score knotted at two. The Committee on Playing the Game The Right Way met in St. Louis to determine whether the Belt would stay in flux until the suspended game was played later in the season, or if the Rockies would be declared to have defensed their title by virtue of a 1-1 tie. Many factors were considered, including input from me on how busy I was and whether I wanted to do anymore updates. The lack of comments on previous updates was also considered, and non-voting member Gerrit Cole made an impassioned plea that none of this mattered because no one is paying attention. Eventually, Cole's apathy won out, and the Rockies maintained the Belt by virtue of a 1-1 tie. The suspended game would be considered as part of the next Rockies - Giants tilt, if the Belt were involved.

Colorado, fresh off their legal victory promptly lost the Belt to the Atlanta Braves, 2-1.

The Braves came into their four game set with the Boston Red Sox feeling cool, collected, and confident. The Sox were reeling, having lost a bunch of games. Alas, it was Atlanta that would lose a bunch of games, as the Sox polished off a four game sweep last night. So not only has the Belt returned to the land of designated hitters and nary a double switch, it goes back where it started the season. As David Ortiz (probably) said, "This is our f***ing Belt". At least for now. The Sox begin a three game series with the Tampa Bay Rays this weekend.


  1. Colorado Rockies - 4 Series
  2. Milwaukee Brewers - 3 Series
  3. New York Mets - 3 Series
  4. Boston Red Sox - 2 Series
  5. St. Louis Cardinals - 2 Series
  6. Atlanta Braves - 1 Series
  7. Cincinnati Reds - 1 Series
  8. San Diego Padres - 1 Series
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