Comments of the Week!

This space is to honor the best Brewer related comments from around the internet from a variety of different places. I don't know about you, but nothing gives me a better laugh than reading hilarious comments from people who think they know what they're talking about; I guess it's one of the reasons I spend too much time on the internet (and used to spend too much time listening to sports radio call in shows). So without further ado, here are your comments of the week:

Yahoo Division:


"Off ten days for a right oblique strain? I strained my left oblique tying my shoelace and was back at my job at the P.O. three days later."


"Go Yanks!

It'll be a good test for Tamaka to go against the Brewers.

Be nice if Brewers owner Bud Selig leans over too far and falls out of his suite window."


"sad thing is people are cheating in all phases of sports right down to the bar leagues, would like to hear the details of his use or did mlb not like that he beat them and made this a witch hunt. surprises me that bonds never got suspended or did his name help him out? dont recall brauns dad playing in the majors."

Facebook Division:

Facebook #1 - " pretty simple! bad manager and a horrific batting coach= losing to average teams. the brewers continually leave men in scoring position because every one of them swing for the fence every at bat. when gomez was with the twins he used to go 2-4 or 3-5 agains the brewers every game and the ball never went more than 30 feet. he bunted his way on,stole second and scored often on he comes up with runners on second and third ,3-2 count and the pitcher fires one over his head....... he swings.pitchers cant bunt and slappy hitters try to pull the ball out of the park. hhhmmmmm where is the problem? team has enough talent to win the division especially with the pitching they are getting. they need to learn to score runs without having to hit homeruns"

Facebook #2 - " What a waste of an opportunity...Brewers played 1 inning tonight. Worst loss of the season by far. Man...I thought this was a serious team. The Brewers will probably be done by late June. No worries, the Packers draft is around the corner. Wisconsin has always had one real professional team...GPG!"

Facebook #3 - " comparision to Weeks?.......argh.....that's like comparing Rivera to Turnbow." Article Comments Division:


"The bigger issue that everyone likes ignore is the amount of leads our starting pitchers are giving up. You can have the best bullpen in the game but if you have starting pitches with 4.00 era and giving up leads your team is nothing."


"Seppuku - Ritual suicide by disembowelment. Originally carried out by disgraced samurai in feudal Japan. The only honorable thing left to do.

Had he been born with spine, the fraud Ryan Braun would have retired from professional baseball. The expected minimum of masculine conscience today.

Google "yellow belly""

Old Vegas Division (only one per week, otherwise I'd pretty much be copy and pasting the entire website):

spellchamp -

"For once Ron, say is like it is. Giving Ramirez a day off ?????? Employees get days off as a reward for performance. You had to ask him ???? What really should be in print was HE WAS BENCHED FOR LOUSY PERFORMANCE. MR. NONCHALANT WAS EVEN TIRED OF RUNNING OUT HIS OUTS, OR HIS LAST FOUR GIDP'S. a GUY GETTING 13-15 MILLION $$ AND MAKING AN OUT 45 OUT OF THE LAST 48 AT BATS SHOULD BENCH HIMSELF. These guys are so coddled, they can't run without pulling something. Johnny Narron said after a recent 3 hit loss, guys were really making good contact. Like Brandon Jennings shooting 33% but he hit the back board a lot ??"

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That's all for this week, as always everyone is more than welcome to share the best ones they've seen in the comments below.

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