MLB 2014 All Star Game: A look at the latest update on NL vote totals

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

A look at the Brewers in the latest All Star vote update, and how quickly players are rising.

Major League Baseball released another update on All Star voting Monday night. Since their first update at the end of May, there has certainly been some movement:


Player May 28 June 9 % Increase
Yadier Molina 640,464 1,621,944 153%
Buster Posey 421,100 1,078,007 156%
Jonathan Lucroy 236,935 771,313 226%
Evan Gattis 241,005 565,620 135%
Devin Mesoraco 154,489 418,422 171%

First Base:

Player May 28 June 9 % Increase
Adrian Gonzalez 349,762 888,906 154%
Paul Goldschmidt 227,854 784,026 244%
Freddie Freeman 308,961 710,778 130%
Justin Morneau 305,327 669,917 119%
Brandon Belt 228,547 593,693 160%

Second Base:

Player May 28 June 9 % Increase
Chase Utley 509,390 1,342,480 164%
Dee Gordon 304,258 735,831 142%
Neil Walker 159,205 614,273 286%
Brandon Phillips 187,067 441,076 136%
Daniel Murphy N/A 435,701 N/A


Player May 28 June 9 % Increase
Troy Tulowitzki 745,823 2,007,202 169%
Brandon Crawford 218,123 656,719 201%
Jean Segura 202,597 567,481 180%
Hanley Ramirez 206,866 540,513 161%
Andrelton Simmons 207,402 467,395 125%

Third Base:

Player May 28 June 9 % Increase
David Wright 278,840 859,082 208%
Nolan Arenado 318,111 766,364 141%
Pablo Sandoval 210,473 714,548 239%
Aramis Ramirez 282,843 615,597 118%
Juan Uribe 270,425 581,440 115%


Player May 28 June 9 % Increase
Yasiel Puig 383,384 1,472,717 284%
Giancarlo Stanton 426,228 1,259,047 195%
Carlos Gomez 370,630 1,192,174 222%
Andrew McCutchen 467,378 1,190,516 155%
Charlie Blackmon 549,394 1,129,313 106%
Ryan Braun 446,780 1,058,680 137%
Angel Pagan 287,338 785,885 174%
Justin Upton 312,574 781,140 150%
Michael Morse 257,477 758,879 195%
Hunter Pence 221,604 687,403 210%

Most notable for the Brewers may be the fact that they have two of the fastest-rising players in the league right now from the first update to yesterday's. Carlos Gomez and Jonathan Lucroy have both seen over a 200% increase from their first standing.

In fact, Gomez is now in position to start in the outfield for the National League, something nobody would ever have seen coming  as recently as three years ago. Things can change quickly, though: Andrew McCutchen is right on his tail and turnover in the outfield has been big: Not one of the current top-three was in such a position during the first update.

Jonathan Lucroy, of course, is probably the most deserving candidate to start at catcher for the National League. Unfortunately, Yadier Molina and Buster Posey's popularity have kept them in the top two spots. Still, Lucroy's big gain is nice to see. There's virtually no way he catches up to Molina, however. There are still over one David Wrights-worth of votes separating the two.

Ryan Braun, meanwhile, has dropped out of a starting spot. While Lucroy and Gomez have been among the fastest-rising, Braun has seen one of the lowest rises in his vote totals. That drops him all the way to 6th as he has hit just .295/.333/.500 since the first update. There is a big gap between he and seventh-place Angel Pagan, however. Also dropping is Aramis Ramirez, who had been in second at third base during the first update. His long absence due to injury certainly has not helped his case. He is in a position to move back up at a weak position if he hits well, though.

Khris Davis has also moved into the top-15 in the outfield, coming in at 13th with 459,771 votes. He is behind Matt Holliday and Michael Cuddyer and would likely need a Herculean effort to move into contention for a starting spot.

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