Brewers roster moves: Tom Gorzelanny activated, Elian Herrera promoted, Logan Schafer and Irving Falu demoted

Mike McGinnis

The Brewers' roster construction is really starting to limit their options.

We knew that the Brewers planned on activating Tom Gorzelanny after the team's game on Friday night. What we didn't know was what the corresponding move would be. Turns out, the Brewers decided to make a couple of moves and, well, it confuses me a little bit.

Activated from the DL: Tom Gorzelanny
Called up from Triple-A: Elian Herrera
Demoted to Triple-A: Logan Schafer, Irving Falu

Ditching Falu I get. They don't call him fail-u for nothing. Despite the Brewers trying him out in high-impact spots, he remained hitless over 11 at-bats and picked up an error starting at shortstop Friday.

Dropping Schafer, though? For Elian Herrera? That is a bit more questionable. I'll admit that I'm not the biggest Schafer fan in the world and don't think he can hit a lick but I do acknowledge that's he's pretty damned good defensively, making him passable as a fourth outfielder. Herrera can't hit, and is a much worse defender than Schafer. Herrera has been up and down with the Brewers and has a 505 OPS at the Major League level over 55 plate appearances. He's hit OK at Triple-A, but that clearly hasn't translated over.

So, with Gorzelanny called up and two position players sent down, the Brewers now have a bench of: Martin Maldonado, non-starting second baseman, non-starting first baseman, and Elian Herrera.

Which means, hoo-boy, get ready to see Elian Herrera a lot. Because he's the only bench player capable of playing outfield or shortstop. Hell, he'll probably even get third base reps when Ramirez needs a rest for whatever reason.

Now, maybe there's another move in the works that'll happen in a couple days. While the Brewers had a rest day on Monday, they won't have another until June 30. After playing extra innings Thursday it is totally and completely possible that the Brewers just want an extra bullpen arm for now and will send one down in a few days.

If not, though? Then we need to question the roster construction a bit. I've expressed my concern over Milwaukee's bench a lot this season, it feels like, yet they've only managed to make it worse. Meanwhile, if they need an expanded bullpen do we need to further question the Brewers keeping Wei-Chung Wang on the roster? Why keep Lyle Overbay?

I don't even mind Herrera much. I like him more than most other options the Brewers have for the bench. But I don't like him being the new primary backup. If you're going to send down Schafer because he can't hit, why not at least bring up Caleb Gindl, who can hit? I guess that would leave the team with no backup at shortstop. Which then brings up questions as to why, say, Overbay needs to still be on the roster.

I don't know. The Brewers have 40 wins and are still leading the division by 4.5 games as we approach the halfway point of the season. I shouldn't have reason to gripe. And, like I said, this probably hopefully maybe indicates another move in a few days after the bullpen has a chance to rest. But hot diggity dog do I loathe the team's bench options and I am not excited to see them be even worse, even for a short period.

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