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Brewers still can (and may) make trades in August


The non-waiver trade deadline is over, but trades can still be made. It can be confusing so I'll explain what the difference is and what we might expect the Brewers to do.

HItter or pitcher: Which would you prefer in deal?


The trade deadline is hours away. In a dream world, what kind of player do you want the Brewers to acquire?

Brewers 'testing waters' for David Price


There have been murmurings about interest in Price for the past month. How serious might Milwaukee be about trading for the Rays' ace?

Will the Brewers make any trades by the deadline?


Time is running out to make a non-waiver trade. Will the Brewers be able to get a deal done at all?

Jonathan Lucroy: Face of the Milwaukee Brewers


Lucroy is having an MVP season, has the support of the team, and has more fans chanting for him with each passing game.

Aramis Ramirez and the Brewers future at 3rd base


Aramis Ramirez wants to play for another few years. Could he stay in Milwaukee for that time?

Brewers have scout at Cliff Lee start


The Brewers sent someone to watch Cliff Lee start on Monday. Could the team consider him a trade target?

The shortest Brewers starts of the last 25 years


Matt Garza became the 41st starting pitcher in franchise history who failed to record two outs in an outing. Here is a look at other short starts over the past 25 years.

The Brewers incredible run of health in 2014


The Brewers' have been among the most healthy teams in the National League. Head trainer Dan Wright and his staff may be the biggest unsung heroes of the season for Milwaukee thus far.

Lucroys ASG performance among best in team history


Jonathan Lucroy might have been MVP of the All Star Game last night had the NL won. Where does his performance rank in Brewers' history.


The divisional lead is dead but the season isn't


Bad stretches happen to good teams. Just because the Brewers have had a rough go of it recently doesn't mean the season is over.

A Q&A with Aaron Finkel of Viva El Birdos


Learn more about the Cardinals as the divisional race heats up.

Kyle Lohse could still be an All Star


Though Kyle Lohse was not on the initial NL roster for the 2014 MLB All Star Game, he could still be named a replacement .

Brewers can make a statement in next 10 games


The Brewers won't win or lose the division in the next 10 games, but their performance will set up the rest of their season.

Now, when do we go to Oakland?


With Rogers Centre crossed off the list, there are only a handful of AL parks the Brewers haven't seen in the 2010's.

Brewers (Half)Season In Review, Part 3


The Brewers had the best first half in franchise history. Let me give you my impressions on where they've been and what's to come.

Thoughts on the Brewers halfway through the season


Over the next week, some of the BCB contributors will be providing their thoughts on the team halfway through the season.

Brewers should think about acquiring Bobby Abreu


Yes, that Bobby Abreu. Hear me out.

Ian Desmond and Carlos Gomez's hard slide into 2B


The Brewers and Nationals had a brief benches-clearing altercation last night. Was anyone at fault?

Brewers have the third best outfield in baseball


Beyond the Box Score takes a look at the stats and says the Brewers have the third best all-around outfield in the majors.

Lucroy advertisement might hurt All Star chances


Jonathan Lucroy has the stats to be an All Star. But could a popular video ad actually hurt his chances of making the NL roster?

To the vehement Braun haters, I say thank you


"Cryin' Fraud got what he deserved!" -almost certainly someone in a comments section online somewhere

Lucroy's contract and potential future extension


Jonathan Lucroy might be the best dollar-for-dollar value in the MLB this year and still has plenty of time left in his contract. Still, the Brewers may need to start considering how much they may...

Poll: Should the Brewers sign Kendrys Morales?


Kendrys Morales is likely to sign sometime soon. Would you like it to be here?

If teams were made solely of players they drafted


Here is a thought experiment: Who would the best team in the major leagues be if every franchise was allowed to only use players they have drafted?

Managing expectations about prospects


The MLB draft is tonight and a bunch of people are going to be angry no matter what.

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