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Top of the rotation: A dark secret revealed...

Kyle Lohse and Yovani Gallardo seem to have completely transformed themselves so far this season. But how? The answer will shock you.

Ryan Braun and the quest for 3000 hits

Ryan Braun is making a name for himself over his career as one of the best Brewers of all-time. Can he match Robin Yount's career hits total?

It's okay to enjoy baseball

The Brewers' hot start was always unsustainable so I'm not sure last night's loss means anything in and of itself. Just because they can't keep up that pace, doesn't mean they can't have success at all.

Tyler Thornburg: Bullpen Ace

Thus far Tyler Thornburg has been truly impressive out of the bullpen. It's led to some discussion about how best to utilize his skills, though it's possible they're already doing the right thing with him.

Brewers April win streaks: 2013 vs 2014

The Brewers have had an impressive winning streak this April. They also had one last April, though the rest of the year did not fare so well.

How many career home runs will Ryan Braun hit?

Ryan Braun is now third all-time in Brewers history for career home runs. How many will he end up with?

When is Wei-Chung Wang going to pitch?

It seemed like things were working out so that Wei-Chung Wang could make his major league debut yesterday against the Phillies. That didn't happen and one has to wonder when it will.

Can the Brewers build on their 1st week success?

In what was one of the tougher weeks of their schedule, the Brewers managed to win 4 out of 6 games. Now, with a slightly easier week ahead of them, can they build on that success?

Is there any way Weeks' option is picked up?

Rickie Weeks is the longest-tenured Brewer. Is there any way the Brewers can afford to keep him around after 2014?

What happens if Khris Davis fails?

I've espoused the virtues of Khris Davis for a while now and certainly don't believe he'll have lasting struggles. But what if he does?


One opinion on lineup construction

I propose a solution so simple only a child's mind like mine could conceive and defend it.

Why is Opening Day special?

Have you ever thought about why Opening Day is special? Let's stop for a minute today to consider the answer to this question.

Is there a silver lining to a tough opening week?

The Brewers will face two teams that won over 90 games last year, including the reigning World Series champions, in the first week of the season. Can that be anything but bad news?

Tempering excitement for Wei-Chung Wang

Wang has put up some impressive numbers in spring, but are his stats a good indication of what he would do in the majors?


BCB Fantasy Baseball: Rollie Fingers League

Hey everyone. This is Derek Harvey and I'll be your league manager. As you can see, our league name is "Rollie Fingers." If you're interested, the other leagues are "Robin Yount," "Hank Aaron," and...

2014 MLB Vegas Odds: Brewers gain a win

Their over/under for 2014 is now set at 79.5 wins, up from last check.

How will Ron Roenicke use replay?

We're pondering what Ron Roenicke will do with his new-found responsibility under MLB's expanded replay system

2014 Odds: Brewers over/under set at 78.5 wins

That'd be 4.5 wins better than they were a year ago.

Let's hear your best Brewers commercial idea

I've got a couple of ideas for the Brewers' 2014 TV commercials.

Brandon Kintzler, strikeouts and expectations

Kintzler was arguably the best Brewers reliever in 2013, but can he repeat that performance?

Could the Cubs lose #10000 at Miller Park?

A milestone lurks around the corner for our rivals from the south.

Choosing Mark Reynolds' Platoon Partner

Consult this handy guide to pick your favorite Brewer to spell Mark Reynolds at first base.

Current vs Former Brewers: So who wins?

Today we'll wrap up this series by asking you to pick a winner.

Cactus League Ballparks as ranked by Yelp

Planning a trip to Phoenix this spring? Here's a quick crowdsourced guide to picking the best parks to visit.

Current v Former Brewers: Who wins in the bullpen?

Can a relatively inexperienced group of Brewers relievers outpitch their active former Brewers counterparts?

Bob Uecker and baseball across Wisconsin

The Brewers could face a real challenge to stay relevant across the state when they're eventually forced to move on without Bob Uecker.

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