Nyjer Morgan on Jim Rome Radio Show Friday 7/1


From his Twitter status. Sounds like it will approximately be 11:30 a.m. (don't know time zone, though)

Saito due to return


I don't have enough to say to make this a FanPost, so I can't do a formal poll. In the comments, if you were DM who do you send down for Saito?

McGehee dropped to seventh


Finally!!! Thank you RR for being willing to admit your mistakes.

Sheen used steroids for Major League, says movie has stood the test of time.


He talks about making the movie, being crazy, and then talks about watching movie again. I'd like to watch Nyjer Morgan and Charlie Sheen hang out.

AL Gets World Series Home Field Advantage


Mike Quade takes Riggleman's spot on NL All Star coaching staff.

Today in stupid Prince Fielder free agency rumors...


Cecil thinks the Mets, Dodgers, and Angels are good fits for Prince. Forget Ike Davis, Kendry Morales/Mark Trumbo, and the fact that the Dodgers are probably not going to make Payroll on Thursday... This is the dumbest prognostication I've heard in awhile.

Brewers DFA Mitre, call up Braddock/Gamel


Slightly surprising move given Mitre's 3.27 ERA (though his peripherals didn't back it up)

Final Voting Update


Highlights: Three Brewers still have legitimate shots to be voted in as starters: - Ryan Braun still comfortably leads in overall voting and in the outfield with 3.9 million votes, 730,000 ahead of Lance Berkman. - Rickie Weeks has taken the lead at second base by 78,000 votes over Brandon Phillips. Chase Utley is third and 460,000 votes behind, but probably not out of it. - Prince Fielder moves into second at first base by 71,000 votes over Joey Votto, but still trails Albert Pujols by 450,000 votes. Other Brewers are in the top players voted but don't have a legitimate shot to make it. - Jonathan Lucroy is fourth among catchers, over 1.5 million votes behind Brian McCann. - Yuniesky Betancourt is fifth among shortstops, 1.8 million votes behind Troy Tulowitzki. - Corey Hart and Carlos Gomez are 12th and 14th in the outfield, 1.7 million and 1.9 million behind 3rd place, respectively.

Hear me this morning on The Pulse Network


I'm taking a break from writing the Mug to talk Brewers on Sports Buzz around 9:30.

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