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The Thursday Thinker: Craig Counsell And OBP

Craig Counsell took a beating for his limited offensive contributions in his last couple of seasons as a Brewer, and even made a joke about it in his press conference on Tuesday. Despite the fact...

The Thursday Thinker: New Arrivals In Cooperstown

We've spent a lot of time this week discussing the Hall of Fame, but does any of it matter? I'm guessing you've already forgotten some of the last 25 players the BBWAA has inducted into...

The Thursday Thinker: 10% Of Fielder

Since debuting in 2005, Prince Fielder has hit 230 home runs as a Brewer. That's the second most in franchise history, and it's easily the most by a Brewer over that timeframe. In fact, there are...

The Thursday Thinker: Celebrating The Overcycle

Writing about Richie Sexson this morning made me think of something I kick around from time to time. The cycle is one of baseball's most notable individual performances, but in most cases it's...

The Thursday Thinker: Brewers From Unusual Places

If the Brewers sign Norichika Aoki, he'll be the sixth player in franchise history born in Japan. That seems like as good a reason as any to dust off and update this quiz: How many of the 20...

The Thursday Thinker: Third Baseman In The Ramirez Era

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Yuni Files are on vacation until after the holidays. Check back in January for the conclusion of the second issue. Aramis Ramirez made his major league debut on May 26, 1998,...

The Thursday Thinker: Expensive Investments

Unless something changed after I went to bed last night, there's a pretty good chance Francisco Rodriguez will show up on this quiz in the future. I went back to the archives to find this one: SRB...

The Thursday Thinker: Brewers On The Hall of Fame Ballot

The 2012 Hall of Fame ballot is out, and if you don't mind having some answers spoiled for today's quiz you can check out the first timers here. Over the past few years the Brewers have been...

The Thursday Thinker: A T-Giving Edition

Happy T-Giving, everyone. While researching for this post, I found something that surprised me: Among the hundreds of Brewers/Seattle Pilots who have either appeared in 100 career games or pitched...

The Thursday Thinker: Brewers By Playing Time

In last week's edition of the Thinker, we asked you to name the 2011 Brewers based on one clue. This week's theme is similar, but has an interesting twist provided by our own Cheeseandcorn. Given...

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