Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun and Nagging Injuries


Braun's parade of little ailments are infuriating, but we must concede that his willingness to divulge them has largely kept him on the field for much of his career.

Appreciating Ryan Braun's contract


Miguel Cabrera agreed to a pretty hefty deal with the Tigers on Thursday. Meanwhile, Ryan Braun's contract is looking better than ever.

MVBrewers Honorable Mention: Ryan Braun


Well, he had to go somewhere.

Doug Melvin responds to Ryan Braun's statement


After Ryan Braun released a statement, Doug Melvin followed it with some comments of his own.

Ryan Braun releases statement


Ryan Braun has released a statement on his suspension and PED usage.

Nelson Cruz and why cheating makes sense


Today's BioGenesis suspensions may knock down performance enhancing drugs in baseball, but Nelson Cruz's case shows why many will try to cheat anyway.

The BCB contributors react to the Braun suspension


How do our resident contributors feel about the Braun suspension? We get their takes on it here.

What if Braun's 2011 test remained confidential?


When Ryan Braun first tested positive for PEDs and appealed the result, the public should not have known. Does that effect how they feel about Braun now?

Ryan Braun suspended: My reaction


I wrote about this back in 2011, now I'm writing about it again.


Ryan Braun suspended for remainder of 2013 season


It's official, Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun has been suspended by MLB for 65 games effective immediately. There will be no appeal.

Ryan Braun: "The truth still hasn't changed."


Faced with a new round of Biogenesis rumors today, Braun is sticking to his story.

Happy Anniversary, Ryan Braun


On this day one year ago the Arizona sun shone a little brighter, if only for a moment.

ESPN Finds Another Braun/Bosch Document


So now we're back around to this: Outside The Lines jumping to conclusions and reporting irresponsibly.

Morosi: Braun Still Expected To Play In WBC


Jon Morosi of Fox Sports says MLB's investigation into leaked documents won't produce results soon enough to impact this spring's international event.

What is "The 'Braun' Advantage?"


"The 'Braun' Advantage:" Why one phrase shouldn't destroy Milwaukee's left fielder

NYDN: Bosch Not An Official Consultant For Braun


Braun has previously claimed he appeared on leaked Biogenesis documents because his lawyers sought analysis from Bosch.

Doug Melvin Issues Statement On Braun, Biogenesis


It's time for the Brewer GM to weigh in, although at this early hour he doesn't have much to add.

Braun Issues Statement On Biogenesis


He says his name was connected to the clinic because of legal advice from last year.

Report Links Braun To Biogenesis Clinic, Scandal


Moments after we talked about how Ryan Braun was having a quiet offseason, now he's not.

Braun's Press Conference


Ok folks, here's the quick and dirty not-directly quoted transcript that I typed up while it was happening. Hopefully we'll get video or a full transcript that I can post or I'll go back and type...

Friday's Very Potent Frosty Margarita


Opening Day - 42 Days Away Well folks, it's not quite Greinke-mas, but despite all the hullaballoo and questions that were raised by yesterday's decision that Braun does not have to serve a 50-game...

Braun Wins Appeal, Will Not Be Suspended Reaction


Ryan Braun has been exonerated, and I am feeling good.

Ryan Braun And The Five Stages Of Grief: Acceptance


If you're not ready for this step yet, then perhaps you'd like to go back to denial, anger, bargaining or depression. After a week to discuss, react and grieve over the Braun situation, I think...

Ryan Braun And The Five Stages Of Grief: Depression


Now that we're done with denial, anger and bargaining it's time to move on to this, probably the most difficult step. No matter what comes of this positive test and the appeal, this franchise and...

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