Statistical Analysis

The Uniqueness of Gerardo Parra


There are not many corner outfielders with the skillset of the new Brewer.

Will Smith is not broken


Will Smith was lights out to start the season. Lately he's been less than that. Is something wrong with him, or is it just that we were wrong about what he is?

Marco Estrada Home Run Tracker: July 7, 2014


This is getting historic, you guys.

Marveling at Marco Estrada's Season


Whether or not he stays in the rotation interests me less than the sheer confounding rarity of his 2014 performance.

Kyle Lohse might be having his best season ever


Yesterday Lohse pitched his worst game of the year and still went 6.2 innings giving up just 4 runs. When that's your worst, you're probably going pretty well.

Wily Peralta is killing lefties this year


Left-handed hitters gave Peralta fits last year. So far this year Peralta is paying them back, big time.

BCB Community Rankings: Brewers TV announcers


We saw how Awful Announcing stacked the Brewers crew against the rest of the MLB, but how do you think our crew does?

Were the Brewers wrong about Khris Davis?


Last year Khris Davis killed it for the Brewers, but so far this season he's scuffled. Can he bounce back or were expectations too high?

Jean Segura: Ground ball machine?


Segura hasn't been hitting all that well in the first two weeks of the season. Is this just a product of the small sample size or an indication of a larger issue?

What is the bullpen status entering today's game?


The Brewers have been relying on the same few bullpen arms in recent days. How does that affect their bullpen?


Curb Yo Enthusiasm


The results in the run and wins columns are terrific, but don't let them trick you.

2014 Milestone Watch


What milestones could Brewers hit in 2014? We take a look at that today.

Wily Peralta: Shiny rock in the rough.


Wily Peralta has a few elite talents, but there are obstacles holding him back. Is this the year he rises above them?

Marco Estrada: Pocket Ace?


Doug Melvin saved Marco Estrada from the major league trash compactor in 2010. Since then he's quietly become a very effective starting pitcher. When healthy...

Matt Garza: Will he be worth the money?


The Brewers gave out the biggest free agent contract in franchise history to Matt Garza. What will he give them in return?

What can the Brewers expect from Lohse this year?


Kyle Lohse opens his second season with the Brewers tonight against the Braves. He was the best starter for them last year. Can we expect that again?

Yovani Gallardo: Opening Day Starter


Yovani Gallardo looks to put his worst season behind him as he eyes opening day. Can he do it?

Comparing NL Central payrolls


I compare the Brewers payroll with the other NL Central teams' and how the money is allocated.

Talking About Projecting the Outfield


Today we are talking about Khris Davis, Carlos Gomez, and Ryan Braun, who are people who stand in the grass further away from home plate during most of the games and occasionally take their turn...

Talking About Projecting the Rest of the Staff


We look at Wily Peralta, Marco Estrada, and the assorted rest of the people who throw baseballs.

A consolidated look at the 2014 payroll


New BCB contributor Derek Harvey debuts today with a recap of his work on the Brewer payroll for 2014 and beyond.

Projecting the Top End of the Starting Rotation


Today we look at Yovani Gallardo, Matt Garza, and Kyle Lohse


A Look at the Brewers' 2013 Line-Up Construction

After seeing these infographics mapping stability in line-up construction by the A's and Tigers in 2013, I got to thinking about how the Brewers looked last year. While the frequent changes in the...

Bloomberg estimates Brewers' value at $615 million


That's $5 million more than the Pirates!

Wanted: Double-digit strikeouts


Where have all the 10 K games gone?

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