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A Wrapup for the Brewers' 2010 Draft


So the signing deadline has passed with the Brewers reaching an agreement with 13 of their first 14 picks in the 2010 draft, and 35 of 50 overall. That's 70% of total picks signed, up from 60.3%...

Tuesday's Frosty Mug


Some things to read while opening a theme park. As of yesterday afternoon it seemed like a lock the Brewers would sign first round pick Dylan Covey before the 11 pm deadline, and the only question...

Interview with Brewer #1 pick Dylan Covey


An interview with Brewers first round draft pick, 18-year-old RHP Dylan Covey.

What People Are Saying About Dylan Covey


EDITOR'S NOTE: The MLB Draft continues today, with rounds 2-30 scheduled. Head over to the FanPosts for today's open draft thread.Now that we know Dylan Covey is the Brewers' 2010 first round...

Tuesday's Frosty Mug


Some things to read while getting extra cord. The Brewers were off yesterday but had a busy day anyway, headlined by their selection of Pasadena high school right-hander Dylan Covey in the first...

The MLB Draft Thread


The MLB Draft begins tonight at 6 pm. Use this thread to discuss the draft and possible Brewer selections. So we can have an "I told you so" moment in a few hours, here are the various players I've...

Friday's Frosty Mug


Some things to read while failing. The Brewers open a three game series with the Cardinals tonight, but much of the recent conversation about the series is focusing on Sunday's game, where Manny...

Draft Week: Andy Seiler Profiles Potential Selections


Editor's Note: If you've been reading the Mug and following the leadup to the MLB Draft on Monday, then you're probably already familiar with Andy Seiler of MLB Bonus Baby. Andy has done an...

Draft Week: Where Are They Now? The 2009 Draft Class


It's time now to continue our Draft Week coverage with Part 2 of "Where Are They Now?", looking back at the 2009 draft. For Part 1, click here. All stats are through Monday's games. The blue chips: ...

Draft Week: Where Are They Now? The 2008 Draft Class


With the MLB Draft coming up a week from today this week is Draft Week here at BCB, our weeklong preview. It only seemed fitting to start our week of draft coverage with a look back at the players...

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