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The Texas Rangers' Overloaded 40-Man Roster

The Texas Rangers are going to have a very interesting off-season this year. Their 40-Man Roster is way over-bloated with, currently, 10 players on the 60-Day DL that will have to count toward...

Day After Thanksgiving 40-Man WAR


How many wins would the Mets have if Opening Day were tomorrow?

Food Coma 40-Man WAR


As currently constructed, how many games will the 2011 Mets win?

Monday Rockpile: Mediocrity or better for the Colorado Rockies in April


In yesterday's Rockpile, Rox Girl expressed her concerns over the April schedule. Troy Renck also has trepidation about April. Renck sees a tough early April for Hurdle and the Rockies, and If the...

The 2009 Washington Nationals: What "They're" Saying...plus Sunday Game Thread.


The Washington Nationals' '09 roster is starting to take shape. Federal Baseball.com looks at what "they're" saying and makes our own assumptions as to who will be there on April 6th.

The 40-Man Roster: How Does It Work?


A look at how baseball's 40-man roster works.

Notable Omissions From the 40-Man Roster


The Detroit Tigers added five prospects to their 40-man roster. But just as notable could be who they decided not to protect from the Rule 5 draft.

Staturday: Today's Number is... 40


So I was halfway through a story when I saw yet another question regarding the 40-man roster in 2009. This was a topic I was going to address once Beane finished dealing (which was the nature of...

Carmona to DL — Lewis sent down, Elarton and Mujica called up


Bullpen moves not learned on Facebook — Jensen Lewis sent down, Ed Mujica and Scott Elarton brought up, and Julio left alone. Carmona was officially placed on the DL. A busy Saturday. Elarton was added to the 40-man, bringing that total to 40. I confess I'd lost track of this; I thought Whoa Nelly Perez was #40, but the list prior to these moves only shows 39. (Perez did take the 40th spot at the time, but the team freed up a spot when Breslow was DFA'ed yesterday. —Jay)

Tribe claims RHP Perez from White Sox


Perez will be added to the 40-man and sent to Buffalo. He hasn't made his MLB debut, and I'll leave it to the MiLB and stat experts to size him up. Here's his stats. He'll turn 25 shortly after reporting at Dunn Tire Park. EDIT: here's a link to Castrovince's story on the official website. I'm adding it only to satisfy completists, as it sheds no new light.

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