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5 Blue Jays Questions with John Brattain


If you've been cruising the baseball intertubes for a while, you've heard of John Brattain.  He writes twice a week for The Hardball Times, makes frequent appearances at Baseball Think Factory, and...

5 Questions with John Beamer of The Hardball Times


Y'all know the drill by now.  New team, new series, 5 questions! John Beamer writes for The Hardball Times, among other online locales.  He was kind enough to take the time to educate us on his...

5 Questions with Charlie of Bucs Dugout


The Pirates may be ahead of us in the standings, and the Brewers are something like 4-83 against them in the last decade, but after playing the Red Sox, I'm glad to head to Pittsburgh.  The Pirates...

5 Questions with Marc Normandin


Interleague play starts today, and the Brewers have a three-game series against the Red Sox at Fenway.  To get us ready for the set, I asked my good friend--and non-card-carrying member of Red Sox...

5 Questions with Rob McMillin of 6-4-2


Ok, so it isn't exactly a series preview...consider it a rest-of-series preview.  Rob runs the great Dodgers/Angels site 6-4-2, and he was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions...

5 Questions with Thomas of Crawfish Boxes


Thomas ("Stros Bro"), of SBN sister site The Crawfish Boxes, was kind enough to answer my questions about his team.  We've got a three-game set against the Astros this weekend, and now we'll have a...

5 Questions with Craig of Fish Stripes


The blog has been up and running for approximately 20 minutes since I posted the Q & A with Phillies blogger Tom Goyne, and here we are with a new team in town.  The Brewers start a three-game set...

5 Questions with Tom Goyne of Balls, Sticks, and Stuff


It's only two games, but we are facing the Phillies at Miller Park this week.  To get us ready for the mini-series, I fired some questions off to Tom Goyne, who writes the excellent Phillies blog, B...

5 Questions with Amanda of Red Hot Mama


Yes, I know, this is the *second* Reds-Brewers series of the year.  But better late than never.  To acquaint us with the Cincinnatians from a bleeding-Reds-red perspective, our guest is Amanda,...

5 Questions with Larry Borowsky of Viva El Birdos


The Brewers begin a three-game set (the first of five this season) against the Cardinals tonight.  I don't think anybody expected that we'd be in second place behind St. Louis, but that team has a...

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