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STOP Milwaukee Brewers SS Alcides Escobar the DEAD BEAT DAD

Professional Baseball Players must be required by Major League Baseball to be LIABLE FATHERS. SIGN the JUSTICE4TeamGaby Petition.   Through the "JUSTICE 4 TEAM GABY Petition" I would like to reach...

Alcides Escobar "abandoned his daughter before she was born"


at the beginning of the yr I saw something like this in a blog but thought it was a lie....after reading this story, watching the videos..... I´m wrong. Mr. Escobar needs to man-up.

Buster Olney really on a Alcides Escobar kick


Two days in a row, Olney mentions Escobar, this time in an account of taking his 5 year old to the youngster's first game, and the great impression the shortstop made on the kid just a few plays into the game.

BCB Interview: Don Money (Part Two)


Here is the second part of my interview with Huntsville manager Don Money (You can read the first part here). BCB: Up until this year Alcides Escobar has been considered a defense-first shortstop,...

BCB Interview: Don Money (Part One)


The last tidbit from my trip to Huntsville is the interview with Stars manager Don Money.  I got over an hour of time with Coach Money so this transcript is only a partial transcript. Part Two will...

BCB Interview: RHP Donovan Hand


Donovan Hand was a 14th-round pick out of Jacksonville State last year, and he's been a very pleasant surprise, making it all the way to AA in just his first full season. He went on the DL with an...

Haudricourt ranks the Brewers prospects by position


1B: Chris Errecard, Class AA Huntsville 2B: Eric Farris, Class A West Virginia SS: Alcides Escobar, Huntsville 3B: Mat Gamel, Huntsville C: Angel Salome, Huntsville LF: Cole Gillespie, Huntsville CF: Michael Brantley, Huntsville RF: Caleb Gindl, West Virginia SP: Jeremy Jeffress, Class A Brevard County RP: Luis Pena, Class AAA Nashville --------------------------- As he explains, a full article to come on Sunday. Hopefully someone tips him off on how to spell Errecart's name by then.

Alcides Escobar Injures Hand


Huntsville Stars shortstop Alcides Escobar had to be pulled in the third inning of game 1 of the Stars doubleheader yesterday when he injured his hand or finger on a play at the plate. He didn't play in game 2. Nothing indicates that it's serious. The game recap doesn't go in-depth about the situation. I emailed Stars Box Score Dave, and hopefully he gets back to me with some more details or there's more news about Alcides by tomorrow morning. UPDATE: Dave from Stars Box Score didn't know anything about it, so I'm left to assume that it isn't anything major.

Keith Law is tremendously insightful


Jibraun (St. Louis, MO): I witnessed CC's performance in person last night...How scared should the Cubs be right now? Keith law: I could see both teams making the playoffs. Todd (WI): This question was posed to Callis yesterday buy what's your opinion: Odorizzi and Lintz, yay or nay? Keith law: Odorizzi > Lintz. Todd (WI): You said you were lower on Alcides Escobar than some others, why? What are you thoughts on Mat Gamel? Keith law: Escobar's approach at the plate is awful - swings at everything, no pitch recognition. I don't see him hitting for better than average power. He can run, has good bat speed, and has good actions at short. I don't see him as a superstar, but he's sort of acquired that sheen since the Brewers wouldn't include him in a Sabathia deal. Gamel's got power, no idea where you could play him on defense. ------------------- You should have to pay for that kind of insight! Oh wait, you do.

Rotoworld's midseason Top 150 Prospects list


15. Mat Gamel "Gamel has the stick of a top-10 prospect, but with anything more than batting gloves on his hands, he scarcely resembles a major leaguer. Especially now that LaPorta is gone, the Brewers have good reason to try him in the outfield. While he's a fair enough athlete, there's simply no way he's making it at third base. Gamel's bat should be ready during the first half of next year, assuming that it isn't already. The left-handed hitter makes an awful lot of hard contact and could settle in as a 25-homer guy. He's hit .398 against lefties this year, so it doesn't appear that he'll need to be platooned. The Brewers probably won't be willing to move Corey Hart to center field to make room for him, but he could be the first player called on in the event of an injury next year." 26. Alcides Escobar 80. Angel Salome 102. Jeremy Jeffress 131. Taylor Green Jonathan Lucroy wouldn't have been out of place late on the list. Matt LaPorta was #5, Jake Arrieta #69, and Will Inman #70. UW-Stevens Point alumnus Jordan Zimmerman (Nats) was #64.

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