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Friday's Frosty Mug


Some things to read while searching for the right note. The managerial search was quiet for a day yesterday, but this Tom Haudricourt post included a few relatively important tidbits: The team...

Wednesday's Frosty Mug


Some things to read while cleaning the griddle. The managerial search took something of a strange turn yesterday as Fox Sports reported that Bobby Valentine, who had previously been ruled out,...

Managerial Survivor: Cooper Eliminated, Vote for Elimination #2


Looks like we've established that Cecil Cooper is not our guy. Here's the remaining field: Cecil Cooper (eliminated first) Joey Cora Bob Melvin Ron Roenicke Juan Samuel Ted Simmons Tim Wallach Y...

Managerial Survivor: Vote for Elimination #1


So we're several weeks into the Brewer managerial search and I think we can sum up what we know in two words: "Not much." With that said, I think we're about at the point where we can guess the...

Monday's Frosty Mug


Some things to read while investigating a possibility. The managerial search is still in play, but two Brewer coaches are now guaranteed to return (or at least get paid) for 2011. Dale Sveum signed...

Thursday's Frosty Mug


Some things to read while planning your party. Today's big news (if you can call it that) is once again on the managerial front, where Tim Kurkijian confirmed that Bob Melvin interviewed with the...

The Candidate Collection: Some Likely Suspects


Today's trio features at least one guy the Brewers will interview for sure, along with one that's expressed interest: Former Diamondbacks manager Bob Melvin. Former Orioles interim manager Juan...

Thursday's Frosty Mug


Some things to read while maintaining a singular focus. Yesterday was a pretty big day for managerial news, so let's jump right into it: Ken Rosenthal tweeted that the Brewers plan to interview...

Wednesday's Frosty Mug


Some things to read while grinding to a halt. The 2010 Brewers were a clear disappointment, but maybe they weren't as bad as they looked? Jack Moore of Disciples of Uecker found some causes for...

Friday's Frosty Mug


Some things to read while filling the tub. There was no new news on the managerial front yesterday, but there was some old news that Tom Haudricourt just got around to: He notes that former Orioles...

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