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How much is Kyle Lohse really worth?

Kyle Lohse signed a 3 year deal worth $33 million with the Milwaukee Brewers, but is he worth more?

MLB playoffs: four teams in deep trouble

Two games in, four baseball teams are already on the verge of having their playoff runs ended.  But while each of the four Division Series stands at 2-0, they haven't been without some surprises. W...

Baseball's fantastic finishes

There are three baseball playoff spots still up for grabs, and three excellent games tonight only made things more interesting going into the final weekend of the season. In the AL Central, the...

Baseball drama: no-hitter and close races

With two weeks left in the regular season there's a lot of excitement still to be found in major league baseball. Sunday night, Carlos Zambrano of the Chicago Cubs no-hit the Houston Astros, 5-0....

Series Preview: Yankees vs. Brewers

Prince Fielder is taking the Brewers, and opposing pitchers, for a ride this season. (AP) The Brewers' plan this offseason was clear: facing...

Court the Prince

GET HIM NOW OR WAIT ‘TIL YOU GET HOME? In the coming weeks, as the Brewers sink deeper into the misery of their season, it will become increasingly likely that they will attempt to move their...


Brewers come to town

Tomorrow, the Milwaukee Brewers will be making their first appearance in U.S. Cellular field since 2000. The last time these two teams faced off was back in 2009 when the White Sox took 2 out of 3...

Askmetafilter question for Brewers fans

They're looking for a hotel with a shuttle to Brewers games... Any ideas? If you post them here, I can link to this or repost to Metafilter.

Aoki will be Brewer, deal is multi-year...

Edit: Haudricourt confirms signing, deal will be 2yrs. Tweet here Heyman says there is an option for 3rd year. Edit:Full article available, and here it is. Edit: Sponichi says the deal is $1M-1.5M/yr

The Hierarchy of Celebratory Booze - 2011 Milwaukee Brewers Playoffs Edition

Introduction: This idea came up in a BCB game thread sometime around Magic Number: 15. "Charlie Marlow," other commenters and I were discussing what we were drinking during the game. It dawned on...

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