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Prospect Progress Report


A look at what the Brewers' best prospects have been up to.

Tuesday's Frosty Mug


Some things to read while trying to figure out what you'd do with two toasters. The Brewers, along with 21 other MLB teams, were off yesterday, but this site was not. Thanks to a link from Big...

Friday's Frosty Mug


Daily Brewer links and a note on Trey Hillman's goat farm.

Community Prospect Rankings: Voting for #17, the final spot.


Zach Braddock dominated the field in the voting for prospect #16. Two weeks ago, when I asked how far we should go, the average vote result was 17, so today's vote (which will be open until Monday)...

Community Prospect Rankings: Voting for #16


Tim Dillard beat out Zach Braddock to win the voting for #15. Follow the jump for details on the nominees for #16. Also, since we're down to the final two spots, I decided to increase the field of...

BCB Interview: CF Erik Miller


I don't hear much about Erik Miller, but surprisingly, he'd heard some about me. Before I could even ask him something, the 17th-round 2007 draftee started talking, and as you'll see, we talked for...

BCB Interview: CF Cutter Dykstra


When talking to Cutter Dykstra, it becomes immediately apparent that while he treasures his father's wisdom and advice, he's out to make a name for himself. That said, if you saw Lenny Dykstra...

BCB Interview: OF Erik Komatsu


Cal State-Fullerton outfielder Erik Komatsu is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I haven't seen him play, but his line at Helena (.326/.393/.516) conjures up images of a sweet lefty swing lacing...

BCB Interview: 4th-round LHP Josh Romanski


Josh Romanski was drafted by the Brewers in the fourth round out of the University of San Diego, where he starred as a left-handed pitcher and outfielder. One of his Torero teammates was...

Breaking Down the Prospect List


Recently, after being deluged with requests (okay, there were two), I added a prospect ranking to the left-hand sidebar. The off-day today seemed like a good time to expand a bit on my reasons and...

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