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Three Brewer minor leaguers in Baseball America's Pioneer League Top 20


Jake Odorizzi (2nd), Eric Arnett (10th) and Nick Bucci (17th) made the cut.

Summer in the minors proves to be a real eye-opener for Odorizzi


This is a great article about just how crazy the transition from high school kid to pro baseball player is: "'I gave up my first home run in about three years on an inside fastball that almost nobody could hit in high school,' he said. 'He turned on it and hit it about 400 feet.' ... But while the majority of his friends are still in high school or away at college, Odorizzi has plenty of money --thanks to his $1.06 million signing bonus -- and waiting to continue his baseball job again. 'Now I'm just sitting at home," he said, "and it seems kind of weird.'"

Keith Law is tremendously insightful


Jibraun (St. Louis, MO): I witnessed CC's performance in person last night...How scared should the Cubs be right now? Keith law: I could see both teams making the playoffs. Todd (WI): This question was posed to Callis yesterday buy what's your opinion: Odorizzi and Lintz, yay or nay? Keith law: Odorizzi > Lintz. Todd (WI): You said you were lower on Alcides Escobar than some others, why? What are you thoughts on Mat Gamel? Keith law: Escobar's approach at the plate is awful - swings at everything, no pitch recognition. I don't see him hitting for better than average power. He can run, has good bat speed, and has good actions at short. I don't see him as a superstar, but he's sort of acquired that sheen since the Brewers wouldn't include him in a Sabathia deal. Gamel's got power, no idea where you could play him on defense. ------------------- You should have to pay for that kind of insight! Oh wait, you do.

Odorizzi close to signing [UPDATE: He signed]


"Negotiations between Highland High graduate Jake Odorizzi and the Milwaukee Brewers have reached a point where the supplemental first-round pick could be signed as soon as today. 'It's getting close,' said Jason Wood of Arland Sports, Odorizzi's advisor. 'There's still a few details we've got to work out, but it looks pretty promising. We're already above last year's (contract) number, which is positive for the 32nd overall pick.' Wood said the 32nd overall pick last year signed for $915,000." [UPDATE: Odorizzi signed this afternoon. -bk]

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