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Thursday's Frosty Mug


Some things to read while maintaining a singular focus. Yesterday was a pretty big day for managerial news, so let's jump right into it: Ken Rosenthal tweeted that the Brewers plan to interview...

What A Horrible Day To Have A Curse!


Open up your imagination, gentle reader, and walk with me for a moment on a journey that's probably slightly longer than it needs to be but does have a point at the end if you stick with it that...

Vote In This Week's BCB Tracking Poll


This week we're looking for your thoughts on Brewer management and coaching, with an eye toward 2011. The poll will remain open until Tuesday afternoon, with results posted Wednesday. Follow the...


Somebody Get Me My Cardboard: Bob Wolfley Breaks It Down

Brewers statistical nuggets


Got $50 and an axe to grind?

For whatever it's worth, I talked to the guy who owns the rights to FireKenMacha.com this afternoon, and he told me he'd be willing to sell it for $50. Something to consider for when/if it's...

Melvin gets vote of confidence, decision on retaining Macha is up to him


Two notes from Tom Haudricourt's Twitter tonight: Brewers owner Mark Attanasio on speculation that GM Doug Melvin could be in trouble: "That's ridiculous." Attanasio also said it will be Melvin's call totally as to whether manager Ken Macha is back next year, which should work out for Macha.

Monday's Frosty Mug


Some things to read while waiting for lunch. If all had gone according to plan, the Brewers would be enjoying an off day on the road today and getting ready to open a series with the Astros...

Tuesday's Frosty Mug


Some things to read while waiting for something to load. The Brewers won again in dramatic fashion last night, in a game that saw the return of Ryan Braun but an injury to Bill Hall. In a move...

Liberal Base Running vs Conservative Base Runner Defense


Yesterday Rickie Weeks was caught stealing to notch the third out of the 7th inning. This is at least the third time this season I could think of off the top of my head that the Brewers had left...

Wednesday's (Late and brief) Frosty Mug


Thanks to Kirbir for posting a placeholder for me. Most of the links I've grabbed for today will go in an extra-large Mug tomorrow, but here's some quick bullet points to keep you from going into...

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