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Fall/Winter League Update for 10/24/2008


In Arizona: Lorenzo Cain went 1-for-4 and David Welch gave up four runs on five hits in 1.2 innings as the Javelinas got shelled by Phoenix, 13-1. Tonight is the AFL All-Star game. The AFL...

Fall/Winter League Update for 10/22/2008


In Arizona: According to his blog, Taylor Green was hit in the face by a pitch yesterday and broke his nose. No word on how long he'll be out but hopefully that's the extent of the damage. In the...

Fall/Winter League Update for 10/20/2008


So we've decided to separate the winter league roundup, which I usually have done early, and the actual Mug, which will still be up around 9-10. Enjoy. In Arizona: Lorenzo Cain and Taylor Green...

Thursday's Frosty Mug


Here's a promise: The Frosty Mug will never be delayed to allow a half-hour national political ad. Ever. In Arizona: Taylor Green went 1-for-4 with a walk, Lorenzo Cain went 2-for-5 but was caught...

Tuesday's Frosty Mug


Even if the Brewers lost 162 games next year, even if I lost everything and my fiancee left me and Gorman peed in my bed everyday, I would still take pride in not being a competitive eater. In...

Minor League Notes: Winter League Week Two


This was the first week of play for the Arizona Fall League and the second for Hawaii Winter Baseball. Peoria Javelinas (AFL): Omar Aguilar, RRP: 2 G, 2.0 IP, 2 H, 0 ER, 1 BB, 0 K J...

BCB Interview: Don Money (Part One)


The last tidbit from my trip to Huntsville is the interview with Stars manager Don Money.  I got over an hour of time with Coach Money so this transcript is only a partial transcript. Part Two will...

BCB Interview: RHP Donovan Hand


Donovan Hand was a 14th-round pick out of Jacksonville State last year, and he's been a very pleasant surprise, making it all the way to AA in just his first full season. He went on the DL with an...

General info from the Huntsville trip


Hopefully you have already checked out my article at the Hardball Times about some of the players I saw during my trip but there was too much stuff to fit into that article so I am adding some...

Trade Ripples Muddy Tortured Prospect Metaphor


When prospects get dealt for rentals, there's usually much hand-wringing about bare cupboards and broken dreams, but from what I'm seeing in the immediate wake of the Sabathia swap, the outcry...

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