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Brewers Get Rid Of Some Dirt


This John Steinmiller photo shows a minor change to the area around home plate at Miller Park.

Don’t let Brewers fans embarrass us!


ESPN is having a "Battle of the Ballparks" contest, and PNC (#1 seed) is up against Miller Park and at this writing, Miller Park is winning by 8 percentage points. Don't let this travesty stand! Go vote for PNC!

Giants Vs. Brewers, Series Preview: G-Men Face Brew Crew For Three Game Set At Miller Park


The G-Men face the Brew Crew in a three game series at Miller Park this week.

Miller Park Food Reviews: Bacon Sloppy Joe, Buffalo Chicken Mac And Cheese


I'm sure many of you know that I'm something of a mac and cheese addict. As such, when I heard rumblings that a stand was serving buffalo chicken mac and cheese, I decided to go find it on Sunday. I...

Controversial Sausage Race Leads Second Deck Fans to Demand Do-Over


MILWAUKEE (Bottom of the Fourth) - The Klement's Sausage Race has been a much-loved tradition at Milwaukee's Miller Park ever since it was introduced in 1995. But on Sunday night it took a turn for the ugly. Fans from the second deck are demanding a do-over after their sausage (the Polish, wearing #4) tripped and fell while leading the race. The Coalition of Brewers Fans Who Usually Sit in the Second Deck, Like When We Decide to Come to the Game Anyway, however, claims it was no accident.

Why do the Brewers play so well at home?


TLR knows (or thinks he does), and he just ratted them out... thoughts?

Miller Park Offers A Unique Fan Experience (Photos & Video)


An out-of-town writer’s review of Miller Park, written last week.

Vote for John Axford's intro song!!!


John Axford has a poll on his Facebook that encourages you to vote for his intro song this season. I recommend some Ennio Morricone.

Fun With Ballparks: The Stadium Shape Up


Major League Baseball's stadiums are like snowflakes: no two are alike. Whether it's a hitters' park, a pitchers' park, or somewhere in between, every field takes its own unique shape. Can you spot...

Leaked Loan Application Sheds Some Light On Brewers' Pre-Miller Park Financial Woes


Tuesday morning I received an email from an anonymous source with a relatively interesting attachment: A loan application the Brewers submitted in 2001 as they prepared for their first season in...

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