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Post on Minor League Ball asking for top 5 Brewers prospects


There is a fanpost up on Minor League Ball looking for members to contribute their thoughts as to who the top 5 current Brewers prospects are. The poster has been doing this for every team, taking each commenters top five and compiling them into a community top 5. Represent the Brewers fan base and post your own list!

2008 2nd-rounder Cody Adams suspended 50 games


Amphetamines. He'd been terrible even with the extra help.

Brewers to sign Dominican OF Jose Pena


Lots of scouting reports/comments/rumors about Pena and other international prospects in my FanPost. I'll update this as soon as the bonus amount leaks out.

Taylor Green to the DL


His Facebook status the other day was "needs a new rib", so I guess that's what's bothering him.

HR: Braddock (1, 7th inning off Felix, 3 on, 0 out).


Yes, Zach Braddock, left-handed pitching prospect extraordinaire, just hit a grand slam in his first professional plate appearance.

Zach Braddock promoted to AA


A 40/4 K/BB in 24.2 innings will do that for you.

Draft Reviews: Milwaukee Brewers


I've been waiting for Hulet to get around to doing the Brewers just so I can see Brent Brewer named as the worst pick of the 2006 draft.

Mike Jones throwing 94

In terms of the draft and prospect world, the 26-year-old Jones is almost ancient history. He was the 12th overall pick in the 2001 draft out of an Arizona high school, and he had a very impressive start to his career before being completely sidetracked by both Tommy John surgery and a procedure on his shoulder. That combination would normally get a guy written off, but to Jones' credit, he's worked hard to come back, and while he's hardly a top prospect, he's being noticed by scouts after reaching 94 mph in the Florida State League and tossing six shutout frames over the weekend in his first Double-A start of the year. It's hard not to root for him.

Taylor Green to Huntsville


His rehab in Wisconsin is done. If all goes well, he could potentially see time in Milwaukee late next year.

Jeremy Jeffress demoted to Brevard County


Gah. It was necessary, but seeing your top pitching prospect go backwards sucks.

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