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Roundtable Discussion: Ryan Braun’s Exoneration


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or, you know, you aren’t a fan of baseball (un-American) you have heard that Ryan Braun won his appeal 2-1 and will not be suspended 50 games for testing positive for illegal substances banned by MLB policy. He has stated countless times since the positive test that he hasn’t used them and would undergo more testing to prove his claim. Many players are on his side like Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan:

Ryan Braun: What You Don’t Know About His Case Is Important


There are two voices that are seemingly being "silenced" in the discussion regarding Braun winning his appeal and the possibility that he was clean all along. I'm with the author in that both statements/points of view seem valid to me. If in fact they replicated the results, that's the definition of scientific method.

Ryan Braun Hanging Outside of Brewers’ LA Hotel


Story of a fan’s interaction with Ryan Braun, Monday in Los Angeles.

Ryan Braun remains Milwaukee’s long term future


Story and videos chronicling Ryan Braun’s long term benefit to the Brewers.

Decent article on Braun


From USA Today via the Appleton Post-Crescent: "He's hip-hop. He's got game. He's got restaurants and a clothing line, too. And, oh, how he has swagger."

Milwaukee enjoying Casey McGehee’s play, to the Cubs dismay


Article analyzing the production of Brewers’ 3B Casey McGehee, as compared to Cubs’ 3B Aramis Ramirez, since the Cubs chose to waive McGehee. Piece also includes multiple videos showing McGehee’s good natured interaction with fans in Milwaukee and on the road.

Ryan Braun showing appreciation to the Milwaukee fans


This article and video displays the level of regard Ryan Braun appears to possess for his many fans in Milwaukee. The LA native is incredibly comfortable among the people of Wisconsin.

Deputy GM says "all-in"


Braun got his hand slapped last time he said something but he was right. And he still is!

Braun at Decibel Nightclub to Launch Remetee


Party lasts from 7-10pm, where you can watch the Brewers beat the Reds, with the after party hosted by the hottie himself. You can win Braun's Suite at Miller Park as well as autographed memorabilia. If you're one of the first hundred people in the door, you get a free Remetee shirt. You know you wanna.

Ryan Braun on Letterman


Just passing on something Ian from Bless You Boys (Tigers blog on SB nation) has up about some American WBC team members, including Ryan Braun, who are supposed to be on David Letterman's show on Thursday to do the top ten Dunno how to do a quote on fanshots, so just cutting and pasting the key graf below: The 10 Team USA players taking part in the Top Ten List are: Derek Jeter from the New York Yankees; David Wright from the New York Mets; Chipper Jones from the Atlanta Braves; Ryan Braun from the Milwaukee Brewers; Jimmy Rollins from the Philadelphia Phillies; Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis from the Boston Red Sox; Curtis Granderson from the Detroit Tigers; Roy Oswalt from the Houston Astros; and Adam Dunn from the Washington Nationals.

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