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The Art of (Not) Walking Batters: Lee vs. Locke


A look at the best and worst pitcher in MLB when it comes to BB/9, this article teases out the differences between Cliff Lee and Jeff Locke to figure out why Lee is so good at limiting walks while...


Ricky Romero

What is your view on ricky romero? should we give up on him? give him the offseason? Trade him? The way ricky is looking right now he might be better off playing AAA for the rest of the season. the...


In Need of Walk Therapy

Explores the effect of walks given and received on the win-loss record.

Nothing Spooky About Brewers' Walk Rates


The Brewers walked a ton of batters in recent years, featuring one of the worst pitching staffs in baseball on that front. With a revamped starting rotation in 2011 and 2012, they've turned that...

Indians Sign Nick Johnson


I always kinda liked Johnson's skills, but there's not a ton of room to fit in here. He's kind of a poor man's Pronk (which is also what Pronk is these days), and I'm hoping he doesn't spend much time spelling Laporta at first. UPDATE: It's a minor league deal. -afh

Martin Manley Nails It: Royals Don't Have The Balls To Walk


The crux of Manley's argument: "If you are making the assumption that taking a walk is less a function of patience and more a function of pitcher fear, I can see where you care coming from. So, I decided to evaluate that question." You can guess what he finds. The Royals simply do not value taking pitches, walks, and OBP. And you can't blame it on pitchers fearing the Royals obvious lack of power. Novel? No. Not at all. We've all been arguing this for years here (and elsewhere). But Manley's critique is devastating nonetheless. Why? Because it's coming from the KC Star, which (other than Posnanski) has generally shilled KC success stories or unfounded hope. - TL

Is Adam Dunn the New Jeter? Or, is Leadership Inversely Proportional to Defense?


After years of being seen as a one-dimensional slugger with a bad attitude, Adam Dunn is now being hailed in some quarters as a team leader. What is at the root of this image change?

Not putting the ball in play


What happens (and doesn't happen) when a player doesn't put the ball in play.

Sunshine, Day Baseball Don't Help: Cubs Walk Ten, Give Up Ten To Arizona, Get Shut Out 10-0

Recap of the Cubs' 9-0 loss to the Diamondbacks on Wednesday, April 29.

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