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Bring Back The Old Logo!

Of the terrible acts the Selig ownership of the Brewers committed, none was more egregious in my mind than erasing one of the all-time finest logos in sports.

What it did, the damage it caused, is to have created discontinuity and dischord in the franchise image of this club. Ben Sheets and Robin Yount have never worn the same jersey. The great Brewers teams and players of the early 80s share nothing image-wise with this burgeoning club.

Your team logo, and colors are your link to franchise history. Changing them to bend with the fickle winds of fashion's immitation of market force is pathetic at best.

I don't need to see pinstripes and baby blues, but what I do need is to see that old ball and glove logo displayed prominently on the uniform.

Bring Back the Old Logo!

And then yesterday, I read this from

Look for the Brewers to unveil new uniforms this winter, but only for certain home dates. There has been a push in recent years for the Brewers to return to the old "ball and glove" logo that adorned the team's cap from 1978-1993. "We're trying to marry the old with the new," Attanasio said. "We have an idea that we'll roll out in the offseason.

Do me a small favor and display a little support for this move. Send and email, go to these games, tell your friends, one of those little things, that says, "Hey Brewers, right on!"

Man, it's like Christmas at Miller Park. Dreams are coming true.