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Game 162 Open Thread: Milwaukee (81-80) at Pittsburgh (66-95), 12:35 PM CDT

Great season everyone, thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to come back during the off-season. We'll still be chatting about the Brewers.

So here it is, game seven of our own little BrewSeries. Already having secured a .500 season the Brewers have the chance to take it one notch further and call it a winning season. It's been a great season and if they finish with 81 or 82 wins it won't diminish it at all. This game is only important for semantic and psychological reasons. This game is only important for the way we'll talk about the Brewers next year. Will they be going for their first winning season in 13 years or their first playoff appearance since 1982. That's where the conversation will focus. All is not lost with a loss today, it simply allows, semantically, us fans to set higher goals. A winning season, versus a .500 season, is a stepping stone.

So on that note, Chris Capuano, on short rest, takes on rookie phenom Zach Duke. We had hoped Chris would be playing for 20 wins today but again, just a number, no biggie.

Chris Capuano (18-11, 3.96) vs. Zach Duke (7-2, 1.85)

Oh hey, FSN added this game to their schedule just a few days ago, so tune in on the TV if you decide to stay inside on this gorgeous day.

'Better Than The Cubs Since 2005' Watch
Yesterday the Cubs secured a losing season. The Brewers will finish with a better record than the Chicago Cubs in what I predict will be the first of 14 straight finishes ahead of them in the standings.

Winning Season Watch
Games Remaining: 1
Wins Needed: 1

Last Chance!
Let's Go Brewers!