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Al's Ramblings End of Season Roundtable

An insightful group of guys. One of the only things I disagreed with was Ben's comment about Bob Brainerd. Easily the funniest guy on baseball tv right now. Remember when he got on the Orange Train in Houston...

I'd like to see FSN replace Bob Brainerd with a correspondent who's
actually half as funny as Brainerd thinks he is. I actually cringe when
they give the man a microphone.

Al summed up the discussion nicely

I want to see the rotation improved...which I feel would make it one of the deepest in the league, 1-5. Overbay gone in a trade that makes the team better, hopefully now and later. A LH bat to come off the bench, preferrably an OF. Finally, a LH reliever who can get LH bats out, throws strikes, and makes $1.25M or less. I must agree that Melvin needs to be locked up, though it sounds like that's just a formality. Bellhorn would be a fine reserve, nice catch Brett.

Check out the whole thing.