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Outfield Report Cards: have 'em signed and returned by next season

What is it about giving out grades that seems so satisfying. If JohnnyLungs of Brewersblog hadn't, I might of.

...maybe i should become a teacher...

Anyway, no report is complete without comments and ways to improve, JohnnyLungs doesn't disappoint.

Here's a snippet:

Brady Clark - .306/.372/.426/.798: Clark, to most people, was a big surprise this year. Looking back on his career it amazes me that Clark hasn't had an everyday job until he's into his thirties (32). This year is likely what the upper end of Clark's abilities are but I certainly would not expect a major dropoff next year. His defense was solid, if not spectacular, in center. He was caught stealing more than he successfully stole, which is never good, but that could be a function of the hit and run. Brady will never be a stolen base machine but he got on-base at a good clip and had some good pop for a leadoff hitter. At the very worst, Clark's performance means we don't have to get nervous about Dave Krynzel's struggles. I expect Clark back next season and starting in centerfield.

Final Grade: B

What do you have to do to get an A JohnnyLungs!? Oh, what do you have to do?!?!