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The Brewers Did Do It.

David Hannes of Brewer's Bar had this to say about the Brewer's 2005 season.

So...the $64,000 question? Are fans satisfied?

I listened to the WTMJ-AM post game show today, and the two commentators discussed the Brewers' season...both were understandably grateful that the Brewers' finally were able to get the proverbial .500 monkey off their back...but then went so far to suggest that they, the fans, and the players now need to set a 2006 goal of achieving a wild card birth and shooting for, say, 90 wins.


Before making rash statements like that, I think fans need to understand what went right and what went wrong this season...and see if the "wrongs" can be rectified...before we go there, however, fans need to take a moment to relish the highlights of the 2005 top 10 accomplishments, from least important to most important, off the top of my head:

Check out his list of highlights. It's very good, though I think he misses the much anticipated emergence of JJ Hardy in the second half. I think it put a lot of minds at ease and satisfied a lot of expectations. Also the entire bullpen performance, not just Turnbow, but the other guys as well, especially Wise and Santana. I'd squeak those into his list, somehow.

Now for goals next season, I don't think it is at all rash to say 90 wins should be a goal. I think the great thing about reaching .500 this year is that we don't have to look past that goal next year. 9 extra wins is a big improvement, but it is not an absurd goal, and setting the bar high is a good thing to do.

The Brewers played .527 ball in the second half (39-35). That projects out to 85 wins on a full season. 85 wins I think should be the baseline, that's the number the Brewers need to improve upon. I think adding 5 wins to that, with a healthy Ben Sheets, a more reliable 5th starter, and rookies with some ML experience behind them is doable.

90 wins = Good Goal.
85 wins = Successful Season.
80 wins = Disppointment.

How's that for rash ;)

Anway, the biggest question I have for next year is, will Brady Clark reproduce. I think his .372 OBP was one of the more instrumental portions of the Brewer's 2005 season.

Again, check out David's top ten highlights, it's good stuff.