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Milwaukee Brewers Play of the Year.

At vote for the brewers play of the year.

In my mind these usually have to be defensive plays, a bloop single, while crucial to the outcome of the game, hardly counts as a play of the year. The situation doesn't make the feat more spectacular.

These are the plays you can choose from with my rankings.

1. Hall: running catch
This was just a flat out fabulous catch despite the bad first step. It really highlights Billy Hall's athleticism and his great contribution to the Brewers infield this year.

2. Jenkins: running catch
Unfortunately for Jenkins he has been such a great outfielder that we've come to expect these kinds of catches from him. Another highlight reel grab from Jenks.

3. Weeks, Fielder: homeruns
Pretty special to have both first major league homeruns come on the same night. I was at that game and got chills thinking about how many more of these we'll get to see as Brewers fans.

4. Cirillo: walk of single
Seeing Cirillo come up with clutch hits for the Brewers just makes you feel good.

5. Clark: suicide squeeze
Good grief charlie brown our leadoff can bunt.

6. Lee: bloop single
Yep, Lee with a nice inside out swing looks like he tried to drive it to the opposite field, oops, it landed, bloop, in front of Burnitz who must have been playing right field in the stands.

7. Balk Off
While hilarious because Stanton had not even thrown a pitch as a National, and his firt baseball play was a game losing balk, this shouldn't be a Brewers play of the year candidate, should it?

Anyone got any other plays of the year they can think of. There have to be a dozen better than the singles and suicide squeezes. We saw a lot of great double plays turned. And some great outfield assists.

I didn't vote at because "number type" is a required field in the voting form. But if I did vote, I''d have voted for Hall's catch.