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Attanasio Thanks Fans, and Recaps the Year.

In a letter to the fans rookie Brewers owner Mark Attanasio thanks fans and looks forward to a bright future.

All these efforts paid off, with the team winning 81 games this season for its first breakeven record since 1992. Witnessing this excitement were over 2.2 million fans at Miller Park--close to a 10% increase in attendance over last year and the third highest in team history. With the profits from this turnout, we can increase Major League payroll next year, allocate additional resources to develop our Minor League players, and make improvements in the ballpark. As part of our "Best Practices" study, I visited 11 other Major League ballparks this season and found that the fan experience at Miller Park was comparable to any. Sports Illustrated confirmed this by recently naming the Brewers as the "Best Fan Value" in Major League Baseball. I am committed to keeping it that way.

It has been a spectacular year, and the future does look very bright. So, from a hearty thank you Mark! Baseball's exciting again in Milwaukee, keep up the great work.