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Baseball America: Top 10 Prospects

Baseball America has Prince Fielder on their frontpage today. No, it's not a "hottest prospect" competition. That crap is left to faux-weatherwomen on third rate football preview shows. BA is detailing the top 10 prospects for each organization and it is the Milwaukee Brewers turn this time around.

While the article isn't anything particularly interesting, offers not much new in terms of analysis and really falls short in the depth department, (maybe the good stuff is behind the paid subscription curtain with the wizard) it does hit the nail on the head with one paragraph.

Author John Manuel has captured why hard core Brewers fans are bonfire-stoked.

Because of a farm system still stocked with talent, even after graduating rookie middle infielders J.J. Hardy and Rickie Weeks to Milwaukee in 2005, the Brewers are poised to get better. Top prospect Prince Fielder, versatile Corey Hart and pitchers Jose Capellan and Dana Eveland also got time in the majors and should play larger roles in 2006.

Huzzah for the shopkeep!

Seriously, check out the lists on the right side of the article. Notice where all the Brewers top draft picks and top prospects are since 1999. Still with the organization.

Thank you Jack, Gordon and Doug.