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Filed under: Offensive MVP: Geoff Jenkins

The graph below shows the Brewers winning percentage on each date in the season. You can see after an early drop the Brewers turned the season around to finish right at .500. A second half of better than .500 ball has us hopeful for 2006.

The two peaks missing for the graph to allow for a tigther range are 4/13 when the brewers were 5-3 and 4/21 when the brewers were 5-10 after back-to-back-to-back sweeps, and a 7 game skid that made every Brewer fan nauseous.

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On June 17th the Brewers were 8 games below .500 at 29-37, they then went 21-14 to draw within one game of .500 at 50-51. This run, largely due to Geoff Jenkins' July OPS of 1.112, salvaged the Brewers season as they basically played .500 ball the rest of the way out.

That run came on the heels of the Spivey for Ohka trade and seemed to breathe new life into the team. Rickie Weeks came up just before this run, and made an immediate splash.

They scored 188 runs in these 35 games, for an average of 5.22 rpg. That average over 162 games projects out to best offfense in the NL. It's not impossible for that offense to return next year for a full season. Jenkins was on an unmaintanble tear but let's not forget Carlos Lee far underperformed at a .711 OPS for July, average em' out baby! They are both capable of a consistent .900, that's equivalent to the July the two of them had, probably better with more equal distribution (that would be an interesting study.)

Anyway, great mid-season run by the Brewers, super streak by Jenkins and an .888 OPS for the year are all the evidence we need to give Geoff Jenkins the award for Offensive MVP.