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Robin Yount Returns

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Cool. Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that Robin Yount is going to be the Milwaukee Brewers bench coach for the upcoming season and will join former Brewer Dale Sveum as new coaches.

Milwaukee Brewers hall of famer Robin Yount is returning to the ballclub as the bench coach on manager Ned Yost's staff.
It'll be pretty cool to see Yount in the dugout, maybe he can teach the non Billy Hall members of the team to hit some triples of his triple wall in right center.

Update [2005-11-3 21:7:27 by jacob]: Tom's got the whole story now.
Ever since Yount retired in February 1994, the Brewers have tried to get him to return to the club in some fashion. He usually cited family concerns in Phoenix for turning down those overtures, but about to become an empty-nester, Yount, 50, finally decided to rejoin the club.
Welcome back Robin!