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Julio Santana Finds New Home

Santana was a waive I wasn't too certain about. He had an electric cutter. A true out pitch, a knee-buckling, gut wrenching, oh crap type pitch.

I enjoyed watching him pitch last year, the way he would get himself into a jam, start sweating like it was 111.5 degrees fahrenheit at Miller Park, and than wham, that grimy, smelly cutter would get two or three guys in a row.

If I had seen him pitch last year for the Yomiuri Giants (Gary Glover's new team...) I'd be able to tell you if it was a new pitch or not. I didn't so I can't.

Anyway, his 49Ks in 42IP last year got the attention of the Phillies front office who bestowed upon him a 1 year, $800,000 deal.

Brian at has a tiny bit more.

Good Luck to Julio for a great majority of the season, and curses for a couple games. Hope he does well away from the guidance of Mike Maddux... But not too well.