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Best Off-Season Move

In the 2005 off-season, the Brewers made what may turn out to be their best move for the franchise. They resigned Doug Melvin for another 3 years.


"We're hoping we can make a real solid run at the playoffs [in 2006]," Melvin said. "We were in the Wild Card up to the last two weeks of the season this year. We want to sustain success this year. We don't want to have one year of success and then go other way. We want to be able to sustain success as an organization. That's what successful organizations do."

Three simple reasons why this was a great move.

1. Players, left from the 2002 season when Melvin took over? Geoff Jenkins, Ben Sheets, Billy Hall.

year wins
2002 56
2003 68
2004 67
2005 81

3. And, my favorite part, the Brewers, without making any changes, are set to improve next year.

Thanks for righting the ship Doug!