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Nomar rumors

I'm going to pretend that the Crew is in the hunt for Nomar Garciaparra.  So humor me.  The Blue Jays, who have been rumored to have offered a two-year deal, might not make sense, according to Bluebird Banter:

I can't think of how he would fit into the Jays' lineup in 2006. Due to his lackluster defense at shortstop, his days there are numbered. With the Lyle Overbay trade, the DH role is currently occupied by either Shea Hillenbrand or Eric Hinske. With Koskie on the Jays' payroll for the next two years, third base isn't an option, either. The only possibility left is the outfield. The problem is that Nomar's defense is unproven out there, and I'm very concerned about his ability to stay healthy for an entire season while manning the field on a daily basis. The Jays would be wise to pursue other options.

Yes, they would!  Such as trading another pitching prospect for Russ Branyan.  Right?  Right.