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One more take on the Overbay deal

A few days removed, here's what Dayn Perry has to say about the Brewers-Jays deal:

In Bush, the Brewers get one of the 20 best pitching prospects in the game, and in Jackson, they get a young hurler with good control and strong groundball tendencies. Gross provides Milwaukee with a left-handed bat which can handle right-handers coming off the bench and man either of the outfield corners.

If you can look past Bush's putrid W-L record in 2005, you see that Perry's right: he's the class of the deal.  He's ready right now, he's got some major league experience pitching against the toughest offenses in the game (the Juice Box isn't going to scare this guy!) and he walks next to nobody.  (29 in 136 IP last year.)  At least one projection system has Bush well above average next year, which seems about right to me.  He'll never be an ace, but as we've learned with our experiences with Capuano and Doug Davis, solid #3-type starters are extremely valuable.  

While the Reds never know who's going to fill out the rotation and the Cubs rely on Greg Maddux, Victor Zambrano and a bunch of guys who get injured a lot, Doug Melvin has given the Crew the depth necessary to weather the inevitable injury or two from a position of strength.