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Steve Treder at the Hardball Times has a nice article about the beginnings of the franchise that would become the Milwaukee Brewers, interspersed with the history of the Kansas City Royals, who joined the American League at the same time. By all means, go read the whole thing, but for those of you who don't, I feel I must pass along this recommendation (request? demand?):

Jim Bouton's Ball Four is a truly great book, an enduring classic. If you've never read it, make immediate and serious plans to do so, very soon. It presents not only a rich and colorful view of the 1969 Seattle Pilots (and as a bonus, the 1969 Houston Astros too), but indeed as rich and colorful a view of any ball club ever rendered. It's fun, salty and poignant, valuable today as an historical resource and simply as a jaunty read.