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Fairly pedestrian mailbag with Adam McCalvy over at the official site, but I include it as I wanted to call your attention to the following:

Brewers scouts told Yost that [Zach] Jackson could be ready to jump [to the big leagues] as early as June. The Blue Jays were extremely aggressive in promoting him through the Minor League system, and if the Brewers do indeed start the season with more depth, they will able to be a bit more conservative.
I can't imagine the Crew doing this, nor can I imagine the need to do it. But that's great if true. I was under the impression that, because Jackson was pushed so hard in the Blue Jays system last year--he jumped from A to AAA over the course of the season--he'd need a full year in AAA to get his bearings. But in case we had any doubts about whether to pencil him in for the 2007 rotation, there ya go.